Get Excited About Writing!

I have found that with this particular class, the least-loved subject is writing. In fact, when I say it is time for writing, many of my students GROAN... It makes me cringe!!  No matter how fun I make the writing prompts, I still have a select few that hate to do it. 

After doing some research, I made a few changes, and now my kids LOVE writing workshop time. 

I showed this video clip of a Lucy Calkins interview. I started it at about the 1:25 mark. It really got my students thinking about how they can use their words to make a difference and the fact that their writing can and does matter. After watching the video, we discussed.

We used some sharpies to customize our writing folders with some of Lucy's words, "My words are powerful; My writing is gold." Now, these words of encouragement are the first things that my students see when they take their writing folders out of their desks. Sometimes, we chant it!!

I decided to change up the way our writing workshop looks.  Instead of keeping students at their desks, I allow them to move anywhere in the room that they can concentrate. I also dim the lights and play some music. My kids are really into a "hip hop instrumental" playlist on Pandora. (Update: We also love Piano Guys radio!)

Usually I have our writing workshop instructions projected on the board, but my students get so excited when we "write by the fire." I like to use it even makes fire sounds!

After our writing workshop period, I ALWAYS let some students share. We compliment each other and encourage each other, letting the students know that their words are indeed important and valued. 

The progress I have seen my students make in writing is incredible!!! Do you have any other suggestions? 

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  1. Love, love, love how you teach writer's workshop! I am a huge fan of Lucy- I even attended one of her conferences last year and sat in the center of the front row! {Teacher nerd!} Your WW looks similar to how I run mine in 5th grade- fireplace and all! Sometimes just seeing a fire warms you up inside!

    So excited to be following you! Hope you're having a wonderful week :)

    XO, Kelly Anne

    1. Thank you!! I am still learning Lucy as I am not very familiar with it, but I am loving it so far!

  2. I love the fireplace idea!!! Thank you so much for linking up! Music definitely is a motivator too!


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