My First "Five For Friday!"

It's my first Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching

We had so much fun this week celebrating Dr. Seuss with Read Across America week. 

On Monday, we filled up our compliment jar! Each time the class get a compliment from an adult (other than me), we get to add a puff to the jar. When it's filled, we have a party! We get 5 puffs when we get a compliment from the principal. She gave us 3 compliments last week, and now I owe my class a party. Thanks a lot!! ;)

I have a new parking spot at work!!! I am so flattered, proud, and completely thrilled. I must be lazy, too, since I am so excited about a front row parking spot. 

On Tuesday, second grade was a "live wax museum." Students pretended to be a book character. They had to come to school in costume with 1-minute speech prepared and memorized for the audience (other students). They did a FABULOUS job!

Coming soon to my TPT store... a letter to send home to parents explaining the live wax museum project, including a suggested timeline and a rubric.

This week I created and posted my FIRST product on TPT! I'm too excited to add more products to my store. Check it out here!

Thursday was our book character parade!! Second grade dressed as the 101 Dalmations. We read The 101 Dalmations for our interactive read aloud, "Today's Number" in math was 101, and we made as many words as we could from the word "dalmations." The best part of all? My male coworker was Cruella de Vil! WOOF.

Read Across America week is always a blast - I'm sad that it's over... kind of. I'm exhausted! 

Have a great weekend. See you next week!


  1. These ideas are adorable!! I love the wax museum. Very clever and I bet the kids loved it! I'm a new follower and I'll be back often!

    1. Hey Kristin-Check your Google Friend. It wouldn't let me join. :(

    2. Thank you so much!! After lots of tinkering, I THINK I fixed it... Let me know! :)

  2. Congratulations of your teacher of the year parking spot! I love the wax museum idea! I love the book My Many Colored Days. I make a point to read it every year. So glad I got the chance to peruse your blog :)
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