NYC Recap (TCRWP Saturday Reunion)

As you know, I spent the weekend in NYC with some colleagues (including my boss) to attend the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project's Saturday Reunion.  In other words, it's a free all-day workshop on Saturday full of sessions led by Columbia University's most renown education professors and the RWP's most fabulous leaders. 

That being said...

Have you ever seen 500 Days of Summer? It's my absolute favorite movie. You know that expectations versus reality scene where Tom's expectations are so high on one half of the screen, and the other half of the screen shows how different and unfortunate his reality is?

That's exactly how our Saturday Reunion experience felt.

EXPECTATIONS: fabulous speakers, incredible and insightful teaching of curriculum and ideas, resources and handouts, and myself to be bursting with new knowledge to share back in NC

REALITY: overcrowding (a.k.a. F-R-E-E), being forced into sessions not applicable to my job, information we already knew, and disappointing speakers

Regardless, I can't complain about the weekend as a whole. I think the Reading and Writing Project is pretty incredible, so I'm glad I was able to attend their conference. Also, I did learn a LOT! I learned a ton about my coworkers and the inner-workings of my school, and I learned a little about the Reading and Writing Project - ha! Overall, I'm thankful.

Good news - I saw Lucy Calkins AND the Naked Cowboy!!

Until next time, New York...

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