Workshop Wednesday: Fractions

Guess what day it is.
... Hump Day (Whoot Whoot!)

That means it's also Workshop Wednesday!

Ideas by Jivey

"Today's Workshop Wednesday is all about collaboration and bragging on others. Link up a blog post that shares someone else's idea or product that you've found, used, and loved!" - Jivey

First let me say that the reason I began blogging was to share idea and build relationships with other passionate teachers around the world. I use ideas from other teachers that I found on a blog or on Pinterest ALL THE TIME. Without collaboration with my coworkers on online peers, I would not be the teacher that I am today.

That being said...

I just introduced fractions last week and we have been practicing simply identifying fractions all week long. I found some wonderful fraction ideas on a recent blogpost from Mrs. Lemons at Step into Second Grade while I was blog-hopping (vegging out on the couch) just the other day.

I have already used Mrs. Lemons's "In and Out" game during math centers this week. The kiddos love it because it is a game, but I love it because it is a great informal assessment.

I plan on having my kids make fraction pizzas with their sub on Friday! I'm sure it will be a MESS, but it will keep them busy for a while.

Tomorrow is my Friday, since we are headed to NYC on Friday morning!! I'm so nervous but SO excited! 

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