I'm Currently an April Fool

Happy April - It's officially my birthday month! 

We had fun celebrating April Fools' Day in second grade today. One of my kiddos got me before I could play any tricks of my own! Before the bell even rang, I found this guy on my chair at my kidney table. EEEEK!

Don't worry, I got to play some tricks of my own.

First, I put sad faces in all of my students' agendas instead of happy faces. I got halfway around the room before anyone said anything! Afterwards, I changed them all to happy faces except for one; She asked me to leave her sad face so she could fool her mom - Ha!!

Then, I told my kids that we were going to do word searches for fun word work today! I told them that the first one to find all of their spelling words would win a piece of candy. Little did they know, NONE of their spelling words were actually hidden in the word search. I had them going for a good 5 minutes... by then some kids were getting too frustrated and a few students had figured out it was a prank. They were SO mad! 

Lastly, I tried to fool them into looking for the lirpaloof. Thank you Sunny Days in Second!

They are too smart - They quickly realized that lirpaloof is "april fool" backwards.

* * *

Now I'm linking up with Farley for April Currently!

I cannot believe it is already APRIL! We are in the home stretch!

Thanks for coming by.

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  1. I watch the HIMYM finale last night and have still been processing it all day. In the end, I don't think it could have ended any other way. Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. We were testing today so that didn't leave me a lot of room for pranks but those were good ones! What a long day you work! And I feel you on the sub plans...I hate writing them! Most other professionals just don't get how much it takes to be out of the classroom for one day! Get it done Girl!

  3. Love, love, love your pranks. That spider in my chair might have killed me, though. YIKES!! I didn't watch the HIMYM finale, but all of my friends have been blowing up Facebook talking about it. Oh, and if you find that Online Shopping Help Group, let me know... I have such an addiction :) Happy April!

    First Grade Fairytales

  4. Ha! Love the pranks! Classic. I need to work on sub plans too....so irritating!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten


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