Bookmarks with Purpose

I totally cannot take credit for this bookmark idea. This fabulous strategy was shared with me by a coworker who learned about it at a balanced literacy workshop. Shoutout to whoever started this - you are incredible!

During my conferences with students during our reading block, I have been using neon index cards to make personalized bookmarks for my kiddos. I write down a reading strategy or skill that I want them to work on and draw a quick little sketch to go along with it. On the back, I write "To: [student name]" and "Love, Miss Payne."

These bookmarks are GREAT for so many reasons:

1. The kids adore them. It makes them feel special to be getting a personalized note from me.

2. The bookmarks are empowering because it helps students take charge of their own learning by reminding them what skill they should be working on every time they read.

3. It is an easy way to differentiate.

4. They are functional because they are BOOKMARKS! Duh!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!


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  1. I love this idea! It's so cute! I am nominating your blog for the Liebster Award!

    - Abbey from Tipton's Tales :)

  2. Kristin, what part of North Carolina are you in?

  3. Raleigh!! We're only three hours apart!


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