Five for Friday: Spring Break Edition

Good morning! It's Good Friday, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, ... and it's only 6:45 on my last real day of spring break so why in the world am I awake right now??

I'm visiting home right now and my younger brother, who is in high school, hasn't even woken up yet to go to school, so there's that. I'm not quite sure what is wrong with me, but for now I'll call it "teacheraisis."

TEACHERAISIS (tee chur eye uh sis) noun: A condition in which a professional, usually a teacher, has so many thoughts running through his or her mind (i.e. testing, crafts, lesson plans, behavior plans, days until summer) that they cannot relax which may inhibit sleeping.

(-aisis means abnormal condition but I'm pretty sure it's not at all abnormal for an educator to come down with a case of teacheraisis.)

Now that I'm awake (and all of the happy birds in Georgia are keeping me awake), I may as well link up to one of my favorite linky parties, Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Unlike my typical Five for Friday posts, this one will be more personal since all I week I have been pretending that I actually travel for a living. (Benchmarking? What's that?)

This week I took to the road with my two best friends and headed to the beach. Unfortunately, the odds were not ever in our favor for two main reasons:

First, it was cold. Like, should-have-packed-some-long-pants-and-jackets cold. 

Secondly, on the one day that it was warm enough to shiver on the beach, we got SO sunburnt that we spent the rest of the evening looking for a lobster or crab emotion on our iPhones. 

FYI, the emoticon that can most accurately represent me right now is the tomato. 

I got my first payout from TPT this week. Holla! 

If you want to help make my "paycheck" less embarassing next month, you can check out my TPT store here.

This is my spring break read. I'm into it. I know many of you have read it. What did you think? 

Also - I just learned that they are making a movie and that it's coming out in October. Yay!

Five more days until my birthday! I'm more excited for my birthday than usual because it's finally my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! I'll be 23 on the 23rd.

Shoutout to my favorite boyfriend (I know you're reading this) who thinks that golden birthdays aren't a thing and that I just made it up for my own benefit. Readers, please leave a comment to help me prove him wrong. (You may be my Mister Right but I am Miss Always Right.)

Throwback to my 4th birthday.

Okay, I'll admit it, I miss some of my sweet kiddos. Last week we made headbands to review the life cycle of ladybugs (inspired by Step Into 2nd Grade) and they turned out TOO cute.

Have a good weekend. You deserve it. 


  1. Happy birthday! Teacheraisis is a chronic condition for me, too! I live in Georgia and the birds wake me up. Last night, our whippoorwill returned so now we are up at night, too! :) Congrats on your first payout! Stick with it--that amount will increase quickly!
    Jenn @ 2nd Grade Snickerdoodles

  2. So I've never heard of a Golden Birthday but I'm totally down for celebrating when mine hits! {Thank goodness I didn't miss it yet!}

  3. Even though the beach was cold, it sure looked beautiful in your picture! Happy birthday in four days!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. Great post! Glad you enjoyed your break!! Happy almost Birthday!!


  5. Happpppy Birthday, Miss Always Right! :) I read Gone Girl last year and enjoyed it. Lots of twists and turns.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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