Working for the Weekend

I have Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend" on my mind...

...aren't we always, though?

 Our week went from FUN (April Fools' Day) to BLAH (testing) and will soon turn to CRAZY as next week is our last week until spring break.

 I had so much fun on April Fools' day playing super mean funny pranks on my kiddos! I'm already thinking up new pranks for next year. Check out my repertoire here.

 We finished up our unit on fables this week, and the kids were just totally eating it up.

 I uploaded a new product on my TPT store - a lesson plan and corresponding handouts comparing Aesop's The Ant and the Grasshopper fable to Disney's A Bug's Life. The kids LOVED this lesson because we watched a 2 minute clip of A Bug's Life - ha!

Yesterday at recess some of my girls acted out The Tortoise and the Hare for thirty whole minutes. It was TOO CUTE! 

 We are working hard to finish up our poetry books complete with free forms, haikus, acrostics, diamantes, and shape poems. Next Friday, once all of the books are finished, we are going to have a class poetry slam.

I'll need to teach them how to snap.

 On second thought, I'll probably regret that.


 Okay - so I know this comes with the territory of being a primary teacher BUT kids losing teeth TOTALLY GROSSES ME OUT! 'Tis the season for loose teeth, fingers in mouths, and bloody tissues. Yuck... just yuck.

This tooth came out before the day ended.  The deed was done in music class - so thank goodness unfortunately I didn't get to see it.


Super sweet, generous blogger friends who would allow me to be a guest blogger on their site!

 As a new blogger, I am trying to grow my readership. I've been told that the best way to do so is by being a guest blogger. Help me out!

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  1. Oh yes, always working for the weekend... I think that song starts playing in my head about 9 am on Monday morning :) Looks like a fun week, though!! I'd love to have you guest blog sometime - just email me and we'll figure something out. I'm out for spring break this week, so it would be perfect timing !

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Hi Kristin,

    I would love to have you guest blog! Let me know what you have in mind and when and we can set it up.

    Teaching Voracious Learners

  3. Second Grade Nest does a "Saturday Session" where she introduces bloggers....check it out and maybe that will help!!! Since I am new too we could always team up together sometime and do a give away too!!! Those are fun and definitely help!


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