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My Carolina Classroom

I'm a little bitter that my linky party gets to go on summer vacation before I do.
(11 more days, people!)


This little trick is a timesaver and an effort-saver if you are L-A-Z-Y sometimes like I am.

If you are an elementary teacher, you probably have a sign in your room that looks a little something like this:

And if you are anything like me, your sign looks the same for weeks at a time, no matter the weather, because honestly, what teacher has time to update the weather sign? I can barely manage the date.

Thus, I appointed the classroom weather man. I even wrote the impressive title on his desk so that the weather man shall never forget his duty to our classroom. I'm not sure when Aiden updates the weather sign. I never see him do it, but the sign is always accurate. (That must mean that he does it in a quiet, respectful, not-disruptive manner, right?)

P.S. Please don't tell my principal that I wrote on my desks. 

*    *    *

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My kids love this almost as much as I do:

HAPPY Friday!

My week started wonderfully at a Scholastic warehouse sale! My littles were so excited to see some new books on our library shelves this week. Check out my do's and don'ts here.

I have been teaching my kids cursive and they are SO into it! They get so quiet, and so calm... I play some KidzBop... and 45 minutes zip by just like that. I am impressed with how good they are at it!

Our 3rd-5th graders (and their poor teachers) begin state testing today - ugh! All 3-5 classes were paired up with a K-2 class to be testing "buddies." We have had so much fun spoiling our 3rd grade buddies all week with some encouraging cards and treats!

We also had to take down our bulletin boards in the hallway... so that students leaving the test to use the restroom do not see anything in the hallway that could possibly help them... *eye roll.*
Second grade decided to use our 6 blank boards for encouragement. 

Even though the year is almost over (12 days included today!!), I am super excited about some new technology that was installed in my room this week! All I had to do was hit up my technology specialist and ask him nicely. He even installed it during recess for me to make it a SURPRISE! What a sweetheart.

We have had a great time playing learning with it all week.

To everyone who hasn't made it to summer yet, like me, at least we have a THREE DAY WEEKEND! I come from a military family, so I have lots of thank-yous to dole out this weekend. Other than that, I plan to spend my weekend by the pool and participating in some fun events uptown. 

God bless America. Have a great long weekend!

This Wordless Wednesday requires a few words... I GOT AN eBEAM!!!!!!!!

BEYOND thrilled.

Do you have any eBeam (or Smart / Promethean) tips? 
Favorite websites for interactive lessons or educational games?
How often do you let your kiddos use the board, and how do you get as many involved as possible?

I know the possibilities are endless, but I don't even know where to BEGIN with this thing!

I just had my first - but definitely not last - Scholastic Book Fair Warehouse Sale experience. It was completely overwhelming and completely FABULOUS.

I didn't go for anything in particular, so I forced myself to use a basket instead of a buggy. I ended up with 44 books for $70! My score included 10 Magic Tree House books, which would have cost $70 on their own at a regular Book Fair or bookstore.

I knew close to NOTHING when I walked into the warehouse, even after Googling "Scholastic warehouse sale advice" (to no avail). I suppose I'll share some tips with you before I start making my shopping list for the August event. 

DO locate a warehouse sale near you and write it down in your planner or on your calendar (or tell Siri to do it for you). 

DON'T wait until the end of the sale to stock up, like I did. Today was the last day of a 10-day sale at my local Scholastic warehouse. Although I certainly had no trouble stocking up on books for my classroom library, all of the best deals were advertised on empty shelves. 

DO register as an attendee online before going. You will receive and print a "fast pass" meaning you do not have to wait in the registration line when you arrive. Also, your pass will have 2 coupons on it: $10 off $50 and $20 off $100!

DON'T show up at a sale without a game plan. Know what you are looking for and what you plan to buy, or else, if you are anything like me, you will end up throwing random books (that you wouldn't normally buy) in your cart because the prices are so great. (Hey - at least I limited myself to a basket, right?)

DO see if your local warehouse offers the "Build-a-Box" option. Basically, they give you a box and you can pack as many books are you can into it and pay ONLY $25 for the whole box of books! What a steal! Given, the box was way smaller than I imagined and you can only "build a box" with books from a specific bargain section. Unfortunately, I skipped out on this but I can't wait to do it next time. Since today was the last day, the Build-a-Box section was completely picked over and frankly I wasn't interested in one of those books, let alone enough books to fill a box. 

DON'T ignore the stickers! Everything in the warehouse is 50-80% off (OMG!) except for items with purple or red stickers. Red stickers indicate the best deals, typically books that are marked down more than 80%... 1 dollar and 2 dollar books. Purple stickers are found with the biggest names ( Junie B, Magic Tree House, etc.) and mean that the book is only 20% off. 

DO download the Scholastic Book Wizard app. With the app, you can scan the barcode on a book and it will give you important information like GUIDED READING LEVELS! This app was the best shopping buddy - I'm so glad that I knew about it before heading to the sale. 

Lastly, DON'T spend your hard-earned cash when you can pay for your bargain books by volunteering your time. All of the nice ladies running the sale today were teachers from surrounding counties. I can't speak from experience, but apparently volunteers earn $8-10 credit an hour to spend on warehouse books! You can register as a volunteer on the same page that you register as a shopper.

*    *    *

I hope that you feel significantly more prepared for your warehouse haul than I did! Good luck!
Any other tips or tricks? 

Off to make my list now... can't wait for August! 
That makes the start of a new school year just a teeny bit more exciting...

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Disclaimer: This is post is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Scholastic.

16 days left. Not that I'm counting.

Just kidding, I've been counting for weeks now. TGIF!


The end is near, my friends.

He was actually reading in there, believe it or not, so I kept my mouth shut. 


My first Donors Choose project is now live!! I am so excited about it and flattered by the support that I have already received. I cannot wait to see what blessings my students receive from Donors Choose. Advice? Suggestions?


I started - and finished - this book this week. It was great!! I need to start collecting titles for some summer pleasure reading. 


As I mentioned last week, I am officially a TPT addict. 

"Hi, Kristin."

I know this is a safe zone sooo I'm excited to show off some new products. Similar to my Mother's Day project, these are end-of-year creative writing prompts in a newspaper format. They are available for grades 1st - 4th right now. Shout out to my Instagram friends who got this baby for free!


It's only been a year since I finished undergrad, but I have been seriously, seriously considering going back to get my masters degree soon. I'm thinking next summer... or maybe even this fall if the right program falls into my lap. As soon as school ends, I'm going to start studying for the GRE - yuck! Any advice about GRE or getting my masters? Any help is appreciated!

P.S. See ya back here on Tuesday for Tuesday Timesavers!
Welcome to the second ever Tuesday Timesavers linky party! Thanks for coming by.
My Carolina Classroom

So before I began teaching this year, I had my behavior system all planned out. I was going to buy some of those cute behavior calendars on TPT and put them in cute folders for my kiddos. Well, as it turns out, my school uses agendas. I panicked for a moment, then decided to turn my students' agendas into behavior calendars.

I decided which behaviors I wanted to code, put them on labels, and stuck them in the front cover of the agendas. Now, when I have a behavior problem with a student, I use the codes to make the documentation process as quick as possible. If needed, I elaborate a little. 

It works for me! How do you make your classroom more efficient? Link up below and tell a friend!

Happy Friday, y'all.

On Monday, second grade went to the ZOO! It was HOT and it was a blast!

We "earned our wings" after completing Nicole Swisher's Elapsed Time at the Airport activity. After the littles all successfully completed the activity, I gave them some yellow construction paper to make their own wing badges. They loved it... Super cute!

In social studies, we have been learning about timelines and putting events in chronological order. We made a timeline of our time in second grade to practice our timeline-making skills. Some pretty humorous events ended up on our timeline of important second grade events...

... I'm still rolling my eyes.

Second grade starred in the spring program last night. They did a short version of the show Rats! They were SO STINKIN' CUTE in their costumes!!! I wish I could show you a class picture, but this will have to do. 

So, the time has come. I am going to cave, I admit my weakness, and I give in.

I'm going to buy a laminator. For home. I just can't go on without it.

Help me out! Which kind should I get?!?
Have a fab weekend. See you on Instagram @mycarolinaclass!