May 20, 2014

Tuesday Timesaver: #OOTD

Happy Tuesday! 
Please join me for the third ever Tuesday Timesavers weekly linky party!
My Carolina Classroom
Okay, I'll admit that this timesaver may seem like it has nothing to do with being a good teacher BUT I am here to tell you that it does! If I don't have my outfit picked out, I will spend 20 minutes trying on 18 outfits, meaning I leave my house 20 minutes late, and then lose 20 minutes of prep time in the morning, therefore making me a not-as-good teacher. 

SO, I pick out my outfit the night before. If I'm really feeling on top of things, I pick out my outfits for the entire week. That's right - the WHOLE week! On productive Sundays I pick out everything: shirt or dress, pants or skirt, belt if necessary and jewelry. (I know, I'm impressed too.) I do, however, have enough faith in myself to leave the shoe-picking for the mornings.

Here is the teacher in me: Since I am such a visual learner, I have provided visual aids for myself in the form of labeling my over-the-door hooks with letters representing days of the week. 

Seriously. I am embarrassed to say that it is amazing how much time this saves me.
Do you think I am completely ridiculous?

*    *    *

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  1. I love that you do this!! I do it too!! I line up my outfits for the week on Sundays, and if I'm feeling ambitious I'll do two weeks at a time. It not only helps me in the morning, but it also helps me to not wear my favorite outfits every week!! Thanks for such a fun link up!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  2. Oh...I should really start doing this. I need to quit being lazy. I waste A LOT of time in the mornings trying on things and throwing them on my bed. Great idea!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Thanks for the tip! Cute idea with the hooks! This would help me out in the mornings! I feel llike Ohio weather does not allow me to plan ahead because it's always changing.
    I read your blog regularly but don't have a blog of my own to link up.

  4. I do the night before! If not I would go to school looking like a bum. Am I the only one that thinks school just starts too darn early? ;) I will definitely try to link up next week!


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