Wordless Wednesday: Data Folders

Happy Hump Day! I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo.

My student data folders haven't been updated since the fall. I love the idea of students taking charge of their own learning and keeping track of their own growth and progress, but I can't seem to find the time for it during the school day.

Do you use data folders?
How to you manage data folders in your classroom?
HOW IN THE WORLD do you make time to keep them up-to-date?


  1. Hi Kristin,

    I work with about 25 students either in small groups or one on one for interventions and I have two binders each for reading and math. One binder has their hard data (as I like to think of) such as their detailed benchmark scores a spreadsheet that details each quarters grade for that subject, their CMT scores (the old yearly test in CT that was replaced by SBAC) as well as their benchmark scores again. I also like to put in what teacher they have, a copy of their schedule and a teacher log for me to track what they are doing and any issues. In the second binder, I have the students work that they are currently doing and what they did in the past, including assessments they took with me and scores on various online programs I use. I can't lie - sometimes I get behind in entering data in the spreadsheet (I still have to enter my reading kiddos English grades from Quarter 3 - which ended well over a month ago!) but it helps me keep focused. I also like having it all in one place with a set sytem helps me too.

    I know you work with younger students in a classroom (I'm in a middle school) so this wacky system might not work for you. I know last year I was figuring out what works best and I think that's what it comes down to - experiment and see what is the most realistic and practical. I also love kiddos tracking their own data but with my situation I only see them twice a week so the time is valuable!


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  2. I also have students keep track of their data. It is certainly easier for the older students (3rd grade) because they can do more on their own and they can help me remember to have them do it!
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