Five for Fri-daze

I am guest blogging for Kelly over at First Grade Fairytales today. Go check it out! 
(Spoiler Alert:: It's about empowerment and includes a Whitney Houston quote.)

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I am so enjoying this summer daze that I seem to be stuck in. Every morning I wake up (naturally), try to figure out what day it is, and soak in the glory that is SUMMER.

Summer is SO much better as a teacher. It's better than I could have ever imagined!

Congratulations Cassandra from Mrs. 3rd Grade for reaching huge milestones on both Instagram and TPT! Click on the Milestone Giveaway image to be taken to her page. She's got some great things to give away. Good luck!!

I'm fixin' to leave town for a while. I'm going to Atlanta for a few days, then to Nashville, then to the Blue Ridge Mountains. While I'm gone, I have a few lovely blogger friends that have some things to teach you! Check back daily for some insight from some fabulous guest bloggers. 

I keep trying to register for the GRE and this keeps happening...

I mean, it's a sign, right?

If I can't register online by next Friday, I'll call. I promise. Maybe.

My summer Pinterest to-do list:

I just love all of your fabulous ideas! 
I am so thankful for the online teacher community.

I'm all signed up for my very first (but not last) SLANT box experience! I have enjoyed getting to know my SLANT matches (Cassie at Mrs. Thomas's Class and Nicole at Learning Lab) so far and cannot wait to create a SUNSHINE box for Cassie!

The SLANT Box Exchange

Have you participated in SLANT before? I'm so excited.


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