July 21, 2014


Hey everyone! If this is your first time visiting My Carolina Classroom, WELCOME

I'm thrilled to be hosting a giveaway because I now have over 100 followers on Bloglovin! It's only been 5 months since I started blogging, so I'm excited. Baby steps, people! Right?

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  1. My favorite back to school activity is called speed getting to know you. It's like speed dating. They talk to someone for two minutes and then someone switches. They ask each other questions and move around.

  2. I am about to start my first year of teaching, so I can't wait to figure out which activity will be my favorite!

  3. I only taught November-May so I am really excited to get to start the school year from the beginning this year. I am excited to figure out a favorite activity. As of now I'm just really excited to meet my kiddos!

  4. My favorite activity is to read Pete The Cat and then go on a scavenger hunt through the school to find all the clues Pete left the kids!

  5. I love doing a read aloud with a craftivity to calm nerves...mine and the kids!

  6. Congratulations, friend! :) My favorite back to school activity is a scavenger hunt for the kids, or where they try to guess facts about me.

    The 4th Grade Journey

  7. I love reading The Kissing Hand then doing an activity to remind them to get and give a kissing hand when they go home after the first day. We all have to have a chocolate kiss too.

    1. Beki,

      My fave activity is similar to yours. It helps to calms our little newbies to school.

  8. I like to have a "snowball" fight where students write down something they did this summer and someone has to guess who it was.

  9. On the first day of school I like to do some brain storms about what we thinking learning is. Helps establish that the class is a learning place!
    Learning to be awesome

  10. My favorite thing to do on the first day of school is sort out school supplies and meet my new kids. What a great giveaway!! XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  11. My favorite beginning of the year activity is the m & m get to know you game.

  12. I like to read The Kissing Hand or Pete the Cat and do activities around the book.

  13. What a great giveaway! I love to shock my kiddos when they come in from recess with quiet music and "kid" magazines at their desks. It sets the tone for quiet reading. :) Congrats on hitting 100!

    Funky in Fourth

  14. My fav activity for the first day is reading aloud to my class. I read aloud every day, from first to last day!


  15. I like to do get to know you activities and read a special book.

  16. From one Carolina teacher to another, congrats!! We have staggered entry the first week of school. My favorite activity is getting to have the first day 5 different times!!

  17. I love reading First Day Jitters.

  18. My favorite first day activity is the Pete the Cat school tour. My students love this and it is a fun way to take a school tour.

  19. My favorite thing to do on the first day is read and discuss First grade jitters. I also like to make a chart explaining what kind of teacher the students want and what kind of students the teacher wants

  20. I love to let them do a math about me activity. It's an interesting way for them to share stuff about themselves and for them to see that they use math in different ways.

  21. I am entering my first year of teaching, and have gone through a ton of fun activities for Day 1. I haven't yet decided which activities to do, so my question to you is....which is your favorite activity for the first day?? :)
    New Adventures in Elementary


  22. Nerdy, yes, but my favorite first day activity is sorting through and labeling supplies!

    Trials and Triumphs

  23. My favorite first day of school activity is a get to know you scavenger hunt.

  24. My favorite first day of school activity is the minute the kids walk in the door, its like the tipping part of a roller coaster all summer builds up to that point.


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