Words Their Way on Wordless Wednesday

I'm linking up with Miss DeCarbo for Wordless Wednesday, and I need your help! 

I have been in professional development this week learning all about balanced literacy and some new programs that my district is adopting. I love Words Their Way but have never implemented it in a full classroom. The program looks great, but I am SO OVERWHELMED.
How do you organize / implement WTW effectively in your classroom?

P.S. My giveaway starts here TOMORROW!! "See" you then! 


  1. When you find out, do a post! We have to have number grades where I am, so I have never fully understood how to organize the spelling test part if everyone is at a different stage...how to make grading fair and all.

    Literacy Spark

  2. I used it for 3 years. I had three spelling groups: the peanut butter group, jelly group, and bread group. It made it easier to give the test to everyone at the same time. "Peanut butter #1 - (say spelling word) Jelly #1 ... Etc. Thanks for linking up!


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