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10 Fun Facts About Yours Truly

1  - I'm a second year, second grade teacher in Charlotte, NC. My kids come a week from today. Cue panic attack.

2 -  I have a major sweet tooth. (Thanks, dad.) My two vices are candy and Coca Cola classic. I also love chocolate milk. I am a child.

3 -  I am overly competitive. Like, if you want to get to know me on a too-deep level, initiate a game of rummy. Or Monopoly. Or say "I'll race you home."

4 -  My middle name has been passed down four generations. My great-grandfather had to make up a middle name for himself when he enlisted in the Army. They wouldn't let him enroll without one! That middle name was given to my grandfather and then to me. How cool is that story?

5 -  I like to eat (obviously) but I do NOT like to cook. I hate the prep. I CAN cook, though. I make mean green beans. My favorite meal is chicken parmesan, but I've never tried to make it myself.

6 -  I'm currently a victim of wanderlust. I've been to 4 countries (not near enough) and 22 states. I will have visited all 50 states someday. I collect mugs from places I've visited. See this post.

7 -  I loooovveee football. It's a side effect of attending the University of Alabama and I'm convinced it's also genetic. A love for football runs in my family as much as competitiveness does. (Guess who's going to win the family fantasy league this year? ME.)

8 -  Reading is my favorite relaxing activity. I make time for it during the school year, but it's hard! This summer I read The Fault in Our Stars, The Goldfinch, The Best of Me, The Martian, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, and Sharp Objects... just to name a few. I plan to write my own book someday called The Gym Diaries about all of the crazy people I have to deal with in my gym. (Just kidding. Maybe.)

9 -  I'm a perfectionist and have a little OCD. I'm pretty sure my coworker and wall-sharer, Jess, thinks I'm insane. I often have her look at my stuff for her to reassure me that everything is perfect enough and that I shouldn't redo it.

10 -  My favorite movie is 500 Days of Summer (followed closely by Grease) and my favorite TV series is The OC. I've developed a love-hate relationship with reality TV and enjoy watching the Kardashians and HGTV while I'm on the treadmill. (P.S. I'm an A-list celebrity on Kim Kardashian Hollywood. A word of advice: DO NOT download the game if you haven't already. It's addictive. If you have already, may the odds be ever in your favor.)

WHEW. I just reread everything I wrote (because perfectionists have to proofread everything) and that was exhausting. I wear myself out. Time for a nap.

(Fact #11: I love naps.)


  1. What a neat story about your middle name but I am dying to know what it is?! I am also a fan of chocolate milk---I will drink it over regular milk any day!

    The Sassy Sub

  2. Great name story, but you forgot to tell us your middle name! I love all the details you included and just have one more things to say: Roll Tide!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. Wow! I live in Greensboro, NC and I am starting my second full year of teaching! I am in love with sweets and my middle name was passed down from my grandfather too! So fun to find a Carolina Blogger not too far away!
    Chalkboard Charm

    1. I'm so glad you found me since apparently we are long lost twins!

  4. I love this and I love learning more about you!! I love reading too, and wish I had more time for it! I LOVE your #11 too, and will totally take a nap any day I can! I wish I taught somewhere we could take naps!! I agree, eating is great, but all of the prep for eating or cooking just takes WAY TOO LONG!!! I love the crock pot just for that! Anything I can just dump and throw in the crock pot is amazing!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  5. I love naps too! I think they are my favorite.

  6. I LOVE naps too!!! We have so much in common from the competitiveness to the sweet tooth! Thanks for visiting me today :) Off to have my coffee :)

  7. That's pretty neat about your middle name. I also love chicken parm and don't like cooking. I am not a very good cook or at least don't show my hubs I can cook because then I would be stuck cooking every night. lol

    Lovely Literacy & More


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