Monday Made It: FISH Folders

Yes, I know it's Tuesday. But it's summer, so I can't keep track of what day is, and...

Last night - okay, and this morning - I finished my FISH folders. I decided to use the FISH acronym because I like the alliteration and how easy it is to say. And I have a teeny bit of an under-the-sea theme.

 When you open up the cover, the first thing you see is a baggie which will hold students' Words Their Way words for the week. On the right, in a sheet protector, is my weekly homework page. I modeled it after Amanda Madden's after reading her fabulous homework series.

Here's a close up of the baggie. I chose quart-sized freezer bags because the freezer bags are thicker. I made sure to get baggies with zippers because some of my 2nd graders had trouble with the interlocking Ziplocs last year. I reinforced the sids with fun duct tape, so hopefully they will last! Then I stapled the bags to the top of the folder so students can easily get their hands in and out. 

 All of the other pages in the FISH folder will stay in the FISH folder all year long. 

First is the TEAM Homework explanation, which is directly from Amanda Madden's Dealing With Math Homework product.

Next is a Words Their Way cheat sheet that I created for parents and students to use as a resource at home.

Last, on the backside of the cheat sheet, is going to be a page to hold students' login information for Class Dojo, Raz Kids, DreamBox, TenMarks, and so on. 

I am going to provide a sample FISH folder at open house. I would love to provide a deck of cards and a zipper pouch for every student like Amanda outlined in her math homework post, but I have spent far too much money already. I'm on the lookout for cheap cards on eBay and penny deals for zipper pouches, but haven't had any luck yet. 

As of now, I'm just planning on showing this sample FISH folder at open house and suggesting that parents get a zipper pouch to hold the math homework task cards and a deck of cards.

There you have it. I'm loving my FISH folders so far and am excited to see how they work out this year with my second graders!


I have updated the FISH Folder labels in my TPT store!

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  1. I adore these and the name is so clever and cute! Awesome job, Kristin!

  2. Love the baggie attached to the folder! I will definitely have to try this, last year all of my kids kept loosing their bags...drove me crazy! Thanks!


  3. Love this! I love how you adapted Team Homework to work in your class. I will be doing the same!

  4. I loved I loved Amanda's posts, too. I wrote a Donor's Choose project for the pencil bags, folders, cards, and dice. It will take a few weeks after the start of the year but I'm excited to do math games for homework.

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