Currently September

Listening: I'm currently watching FRIENDS and sitting on the couch procrastinating working really really hard on school work. 

Loving: Football is BACK, baby! I'll be cheering on the Crimson Tide this fall along with the stars of my fantasy teams. I'll also be eating a lot of football food. Chips, queso, and bean dip OH MY!

Thinking: Seriously, I wish I could afford a personal chef on my teacher salary, but I don't think I'll be able to fit that into my budget this year. What about a dinner fairy? Are those free?

Wanting / Needing: I want another day off. Like in addition to having today off for Labor Day. I'm being selfish, I know. But in my defense, I went to Atlanta to see Alabama play and haven't been home at all this weekend to do all of the boring but necessary stuff like laundry......... sigh.

3 Trips: I've always wanted to go to Italy, especially Venice. I've also always wanted to go to Australia! I felt really left out this year when everyone went to Vegas for the TPT conference, so it is now at the top of my travel list. Maybe next year?!?

I really can't believe it's already September. Thanks for coming by!! 


  1. Venice sounds REALLY nice! Such a cute blog!!! I student-taught in second grade and really enjoyed it. I hope you have a great school year!

  2. I love FRIENDS! I have seen every episode haha. I feel the same as you- I would LOVE a personal chef... or a dinner fairy. I was so jealous of everyone that went to Vegas over the summer. It looked so fun and now I am totally inspired to get started on my TPT store. Have a great week!


  3. I'm a second grade North Carolina teacher also!

  4. I am a HUGE Friends fan! It's always on in the background when I'm working. I'm not a college football fan, but I'm excited for football season! Good luck on your search for a dinner fairy!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  5. I'm with you on Vegas. But you should skip Australia and just come straight to New Zealand! It's nicer here :P

    Learning to be awesome

  6. Yay for NC teachers! Although I love to cook, I don't have the energy on weeknights. I would love a personal chef too, but I guess the Crock-Pot is as close as I'm going to get on my teacher salary!

    1. You're right, a slow cooker is the closest I'll get to a dinner fairy. I don't mind cooking when I have the time and energy!

  7. I love your blog Kristin! I'm so glad we found each other on linky! Hope you have a great week :)

  8. NC Teachers take Vegas 2015?! I think yes!!! I want to go too!
    Chalkboard Charm


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