Five for Friday: I'm a Survivor

Yes! I survived another week. Last night was the ever-dreaded Curriculum Night. It went great, minus the toddlers being so distracting and destroying pretty much everything.  Most of their parents cleaned up after them, but still. #PetPeeve

It went by SO quickly that I only have one picture... A Curriculum Night Collage

I HAVE to applaud and share Tessa's Instagram phenonenon this week: #TodayIsaid

Here's mine:

You must go see all of the pictures with the #TodayIsaid hashtag. I am telling you, this stuff is comedy GOLD. Thank you, Tessa, for some comic relief! 

One of my teammates bought a monogramming machine!!! This is good news and bad news for myself and for Amy's Etsy business. I want to monogram everything. EVERYTHING. 

I got SO many compliments on my outfit on Wednesday that I wanted to link up for {What the Teacher Wore} Wednesday but I so did not have time. Maybe I'll try to look cute again next week. 

Anyways, I wore a dark grey maxidress with my polka dot chambray vest over it. (Thanks for the outfit insiration, Mrs. Mitchell.) All day, kids and teachers were telling me how cute I looked. The best part was that it was SO comfortable! I snapped this quick picture before I left home on Wednesday, hoping to link up later. 

In all seriousness, I am a survivor. A cancer survivor, that is! September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and here is my plug: 

There are so many ways that you can help childhood cancer victims from your classroom. 
Here are just a few:

coin drive
spirit day (pay $1 to wear pajamas, etc.)
handmade cards to hospitals
book, DVD, or video game donations to hospitals
Relay for Life

At our fall festival, my grade level is hosting a cake walk. All profits are going directly to a local childhood cancer charity. It's that easy yet so important. 

I made this banner for my Facebook this month with all of my new graphics and fonts for TPT. Feel free to grab it and use it. I couldn't find one online that I liked - ha! #perfectionistproblems

Have a perfect weekend. We deserve it!

My weekend plans:
1. watch too much football
2. post like 10 things on TPT
3. catch up on my favorite blogs
4. visit the new outlets and spend too much money
5. SLEEEEEP zzzzzzz

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  1. A great post - monogramming can be addictive - my addiction is washi tape at the moment


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