Five for Friday on a Saturday

We made Sneaky E puppets this week! I got this idea from Pinterest, but the pin had no link attached, so I don't know who to give credit to. Let me know if you know! The kids LOVED this activity.

My littles do not quite understand the concept of table talking groups yet. They are great at think-pair-share / talking with buddies, but do not have the etiquette needed to talk academically with more than one person. They argue about who gets to talk next, talk over each other, etc. So, I made them use my comprehension wands as talking sticks this week - ha - and it worked wonders!

We have a "Diversity" standard in our teacher evaluation system and on our walk-through requirements list. We just have to display something in the classroom related to diversity. I purchased these awesome "hello" cards over the summer. Come August, I couldn't find them ANYWHERE and I thought I was going insane and convinced myself that I never bought them to begin with.

Lo and behold, one of my awesome moms returned a box of books to me on Thursday that she had taken home to level for me. GUESS WHAT SHE HAD FOUND IN THE BOX! Yep. I hung them up immediately in a nook right outside my classroom door. Everyone walking down the hallway and waiting in line after the bathroom gets to see my new "hello wall." I've received so many compliments already! I'm in love. 

In social studies right now we are learning about communities. This week we talked about communication: what it is, why we do it, different kinds, etc.

I think it's also important for kids to understand that communication isn't always easy. Sometimes things are misunderstood, especially when information gets passed through a large amount of people. Sometimes information gets messed up on accident and sometimes on purpose.

I can't think of a better way to teach that concept than to play TELEPHONE! 

Our school and school system is big on the quote "from kindergarten to college." At the end of our loooong hallway, where the fifth grade teachers live, they have a large portion of the ceiling dedication to college pennants. Every student upstairs walks under those collegiate flags every day to get to the buses. I love them! Except, whoever hung them (before I was hired), forgot an important university.  

My kids last year asked me almost every day where the Alabama pennant was. This year, I decided to take it upon myself. I bought a pennant and hung it up yesterday in honor of "college wear day." (Just kidding, I'm too short. My tall teammate Matt hung it for me. He's great at hanging up pretty much all of my stuff.)

Roll tide, yall.

*     *     *     *

Sorry I'm late to the party. I had a CrAzY fRiDaY NiGhT!

JK, I stayed on my couch watching Desperate Housewives on Netflix and creating this for my classroom library:


  1. I'm starting my communities unit next week. Thanks for the telephone idea- I will definitely include that in my plans. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  2. Oh my goodness! My kiddos do the same thing when talking in groups! They just want to be the one that gets to talk and don't have the proper etiquette to wait their turn. I love, love, love the idea of a talking stick!

    I also love the college banners! I think this would be an awesome idea for my school to do! What a great visual for the kids.

    - Abbey from Tremendous First Grade Tales

  3. Where did you get the hello poster set from? I love the idea. Thanks!


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