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I'm linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for September's Monday Made It!

Over the weekend I finished up my Curriculum Night pack! I made my own papers to use last year and used them again this year, so I decided I may as well turn them into a TPT product. Unfortunately my Curriculum Night was SO chaotic last week that I did not get to take any pictures. You know how it is!

Yesterday I made my first - and last - burlap wreath. It took me 4 tries... mainly because I did not buy enough burlap and I refused to go back to Michael's. Little naive me thought that 20 feet of burlap would be PLENTY to cover an 18" wreath. Right? WRONG.

Attempt 1: I made it halfway before running out of burlap.

Attempt 2: Burlap made it a little farther, but the wires showed too much...

Attempt 3 was not recorded due to frustration.

Attempt 4: semi-successful

It looks better in real life, I promise. 

The burlap made it ALMOST all the way around the wreath. Thank goodness for the festive fall-colored bow that I bought to add on to the wreath... It fit perfectly in the blank space. 

It's hard to tell, but the burlap has gold woven into it and the bow (pre-made from Michael's, duh) is super sparkly. 

I can't wait to make another wreath never again in my life! 

(Side note: I made a wreath in college - much easier than this one - and it got stolen right off of our front door. R-U-D-E! Wreaths are HARD! Go make your own, meanie!)

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