Five for Friday & a Freebie!

I'm playing hooky today! I'm currently in bed with a cup of coffee and my Macbook and it is 8am on a Friday. That's right, be jealous. I spent some days over the summer decorating bulletin boards in the school (sans AC and sans lunch) so I deserve this comp day, thankyouverymuch!

My sorority sisters are coming into town today. All three of my best gals. The most time we have spent all together since 2012 is about 6 hours. BUT WE HAVE ALL WEEKEND! And I don't have to go to school today, in case you forgot.

This week our school counselor came in and did a lesson on bullying since I have already had a few incidents in my classroom this year. It breaks my heart knowing that SEVEN year-olds can be so stinkin' mean! What is up with that?! I've done lots of bibliotherapy, but the counselor offered to come help. She had all of the kids take their shoes off... after PE... She is braver than I am!!

My team has started using Words Their Way this year and I am in charge of planning word study. I have really had to dive in head first. Basically, I just had to make it so that it worked for me, even though that meant creating some of my own stuff. 

One product I created this week is my new Word Master game, which can be found by clicking the picture below. It can be used with ANY word sort or spelling list. I am so proud of it!

I plan to blog soon about how I organize and run word study!

Obviously my kids have their first sub today, so yesterday I did some pre-teaching. 

We read Miss Nelson is Missing! and the littles LOVED it. I was surprised they hadn't heard it before! Then we reviewed and talked about Dana's Sub Rules, which are now posted on my whiteboard. I also printed a tiny version to tape to one of my friends' desk...

I also left a note on that friend's desk...

... but then I felt bad, so I wrote notes on every desk.

Having a sub is always stressful. 
It's my day off though, so I'm going to try and not think about it. 

Happy fall, y'all. Here's a forever freebie for you. Enjoy!!


  1. Love the idea of leaving notes on their desks! :)

    First Grade Stampede

  2. I just adore your heart! That was so sweet to leave them notes on their desk!

    Teaching is a Royal Adventure

  3. I love the notes idea! When I was out several weeks ago, I wrote a note on the board (more upper grades style) that I was proud of them, knew they would work hard, and that one of their assignments would count as a test grade lol. Mine wasn't nearly as nice as yours I guess! But I did hear that their behavior was impeccable!

    Teaching with Grace

    1. That's a good idea!!! I bet they worked hard all day long!


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