Five for Friday: Q1 is Done

The first quarter is in the books and WE HAVE A TEACHER WORK DAY TODAY! 

Too bad our report cards and PEPs were already due earlier this week and we have meetings planned for most of the day. 

I should have a little time to work in my classroom, although my favorite part about work days is LUNCH OUT! I'm always in awe of the fact that normal people get to leave for their lunch every day. 

To all of you that have to teach children on Halloween:

When I got to school on Wednesday, the trash was long gone... not that I would have dug through the trash for a cardboard box anyways...

How CUTE is this "class pumpkin" that my room moms had my kids do for me yesterday during our fall party?? I'm a little sad that it's a real pumpkin... I wish it would last forever!

My kids are LOVING the fluency phones that I made for them earlier in the week. I would love for them to get to use them more often... but I think a whisper phone schedule would be a little over the top. Thoughts?

Here is a Halloween TREAT for you!

If you haven't already grabbed my fall freebie, do so!!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!! 


  1. What a beautiful blog! I am very envious that you got to have a day without kids! It was a CRAZY day full of super excited kids. My husband says he can always spot teachers who have escaped for lunch (do we all kinda look alike?) I use the fluency phones (whisper phones) as well. Each kiddo has one in his/her book box. I used to keep them all in a basket but had to clean them constantly. This way we're not sharing germs!

  2. So I totally cracked up on the hunger games saying about Halloween! ha! It definitely felt like that on Friday.... and my school can't even celebrate Halloween. But the kids aren't fooled...
    I bought all the supplies for my fluency phones awhile back, and still haven't made them :( I need to get on that, I love having them!

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  4. Love, love, love your gifs! I need to make some of those whisper phones, pronto!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Click here to find out what to do!


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