Five for Friday: Slacker Style

This week was a marathon. I had 19 parent-teacher conferences, a field trip, and our school's fall festival.


When I crawled into my bed last night after teaching all day then working the cake walk and the crowd for 3 hours, I certainly felt accomplished.

I have never actually run a marathon (or a half, or even a 10k) before, but I am sure that this week was just as difficult as a race and that my sense of accomplishment is even better than crossing a finish line.

I was a slacker in the Blogger / Instagram world this week. 

Don't worry. 

And I may be in pajamas on my couch at 8:00 on a Saturday night, but that's exactly where I want to be. 

I have a new addition to my classroom that I probably should have put up weeks ago. This year's students do not understand that they must be silent while I am testing someone or that they cannot walk up and interrupt me while I am in the middle of testing. 

I bought this push-on, push-off light at the Dollar Tree, wrote "testing" on it, and glued it to the wall above my whiteboard where everyone can see it. Students cannot talk to interrupt me while the light is on. It is working so far!

I finally have my writing process pencil in action. I am LOVING it so far! It makes it so easy for me to see how far along everyone is and who is ready for a conference. 

You can grab this pencil for free from Kelly Dorsey.

Over the summer I found these awesome dry-erase strips in the Target Dollar Spot. They were 4 for a dollar! I am impressed with the quality and am so glad I found them. 

I finally gave the kids their mini boards this week. They LOVE them and we are going to use them as much as possible. 

We went on our first class field trip this week. We went to a local farm. We got to go on a hayride, feed animals, pick pumpkins, walk through a corn maze, and more. It was very well-organized and so much fun. 

All of my second graders were so brave!!! I was proud of them!

At our fall festival last night, my team hosted a cake walk to raise money for a local cancer foundation. We have 6 cancer survivors on our staff. Isn't that incredible?? The cake walk was a HIT and we raised over $400 over the course of 2 hours. 

Thanks for coming by.


P.S. Make sure you pick up my fall freebie if you haven't already!


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