Monday Made It: Legal Fluency Phones

"Can I help you?" asked the Home Depot man.

"Yes please. Want to guess what I'm making?"

"Ummm is it legal?"

Either he didn't see my shirt that says iTEACH in giant letters or he doesn't think very highly of teachers. 

I informed Home Depot man that it is very common for teachers to make fluency phones with PVC pipes and that whisper phones are in fact legal and that I couldn't get the parts to fit together like I needed them to.

He said, "That's because you need a PIPE, honey."

It was a little more complicated than I expected it to be. 

The pipe that Home Depot man picked out for me was a 2 ft long, 3/4 in (diameter?) pipe. He cut it for me at the store... after I laughed when he asked me if I had a saw at home. 

No husband = no saw, obviously.

He cut the pipe into seven 4-inch pieces.  

Because I had 7 pipes, I grabbed 14 of the 3/4 inch, 90 degree "elbows," as Home Depot man called them. 

I spent a total of $8.76. 

Seven fluency phones for less than $10 sounds like a great deal to me. 

When I got home, I wiped all of the elbows down with my favorite cleaning device, baby wipes. 

They were dirty. Why do PVC pipes have dirt in them when you buy them?

Then I stuck them together and wrapped them in some cute duct tape.

The duct tape got all crinkly because of the change in widths where the pipe meets the elbows, but I'll deal with it. They're definitely not perfect, but they'll do.

If you're planning on making your own, good luck!

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  1. Thanks for the details. I made tabletop pocket chart stands in a similar way (but I bought a hack saw ����).


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