5 for Friday: Sad Tears & Happy Tears

There have been lots of tears this week. This new school year has gotten the best of me and has really taken a toll on my emotions. I love my coworkers and I love my students, truly. I'll spare you the details, but some changes have been made in our school system and in our school that have just put me over the edge. 

Needless to say, morale is low... so low that I'm losing motivation to do what I love to do because every day when I report to work I enter a career field where I am not respected.

I've only been at this for 15 months, and I am jaded. 
How heart-broken I am for teachers and students everywhere. 

On a positive note, there have been happy tears this week too. I have always been prone to crying when I laugh, and this week has been no exception. 

Praise the Lord for children. Am I right?

They remind me why I do what I do.

But really.

Our Dean of Students held our staff meeting on diversity on Wednesday. She started by teaching a 15-minute lesson ENTIRELY in Laotian. 

We had NO CLUE what was going on. It was incredible! I was definitely able to grasp what it feels like to be an ELL/ESL student in an English-speaking school. Our short lesson was overwhelmingly frustrating. I can't fathom what it is like for students who does not speak English to have to go to school for hours upon hours every day and feel like that. 

Her lesson was on Brown Bear, Brown Bear, for crying out loud! 
It was absolutely eye-opening.

Tuesday was a busy day, but we managed to fit in some Election Day fun!
We read a book about Election Day then watched the Duck for President video on BookFlix since we are studying fictional animal characters in writing.

The kids quickly decorated these great "Future Voter" stickers that I grabbed on TPT.

Yes, we had school on Election Day here in NC, even though many schools were voting places. Oh well. I ain't even mad about it... because this year we DO have Veterans Day off!!!! I am so looking forward to Tuesday!!!!

I have no clue who this is or what this is about but it is CRACKING ME UP!

My big plans for Tuesday:

Have a good weekend. I'm going to Atlanta to see my favorite person. :)


  1. Kristin, DO NOT give up! There are going to be good years and there are going to be bad years. Last year was a horrible year for me as well. I was constantly harassed by an administrator that told me that I didn't have what it took to be a teacher. This year I'm at a new school and I have never been more in love with my job. Think about it...

  2. Don't give up, some years are really hard but it gets better.

  3. If it makes you feel better, Kristin, know that we all battle it. And in the meantime I LOVED what your students wrote about grown-ups. Hysterical! It qualifies as a Funny Kid Friday tale so you can link up if you want. And you can at least get a laugh if you read my story this month. Hang in! Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

    1. It makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one. I LOVE the idea of Funny Kid Friday!! I have funny kids every day! ;)

  4. I am with everyone else!! You can do this!! as another NC teacher I get this more than you know!! I am in my 3rd year now and 3rd school district and truly believe I have now found my home :-) Teaching is NOT an easy job by any means!! {{hugs}}


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