Five for Friday: Teacher Workday Edition

I had a workday today.

I know you're jealous. I'm sorry. It's because our second quarter just ended.

I'm also sorry that I've been MIA lately and only making appearances on Fridays. January has been a whirlwind. I hope to get back into the blogging world soon!

*     *     *     *


1. Clorox everything. 


And get rid of kid nastiness (AKA replace destroyed nametags because you are OCD).

2. Make your desk look like a natural disaster then fix it by shoving things in random places that you swear you'll remember but will most likely forget.

Note the date. OOPS.

3. Rework your word study groups and give them ridiculous new names.

4. Make a Target run and replace the soap in the teacher bathroom because you are too good for the standard school soap that dries out your hands, duh.

5. Get take out for lunch (obviously) and eat it while watching Netflix because the idea of a "working lunch" is ridiculous even though your team doesn't think so. 

Honestly, it was a great day. It was very much needed and I got tons of work done. Of course, the workload of a teacher is endless, but at least I made a dent!

*     *     *     *

Lastly, on a serious note...

[ I'm desperate. I know. HELP. ] 


I am trying to get a set of iPad minis for my classroom. I only have 3 computers but 25 students; it's nearly impossible to get all of my students on the computer fairly. 

I decided to do individual DonorsChoose projects for each iPad, that way I can use the technology as they get funded instead of waiting forever for a huge $1000+ project to be funded. I am trying to get this second iPad ASAP! Having two will hold us over for a while. 

This is where you come in:

Donate at least $5 to my project and get any 3 products from my TPT store for FREE! 

You read that right: any 3 products can be yours, no cost limit. 

Email me afterwards to claim your products: 
TpT store: My Carolina Classroom ** offer valid until project is fully funded

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. I have a PD day on Monday. I'd rather have a teacher work day! I am jealous! Oh, I like the names for your word study groups! They're so....fruity.
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