Currently March

February sure flew by, didn't it?!


I am currently watching the movie If I Stay. I just finished the book a few days ago. The book was good and the movie is following the book pretty closely! I cannot sit idly for the entire length of a movie so naturally I am multitasking... blogging and and working on a few new products.


This week is Read Across America week and I am so excited! I know that this week is going to be chaotic as it is filled with assemblies and themed dress-up days, but the kids will love it. It's going to be a crazy fun week!


Like any TPT seller, I am daydreaming about new clip art. To let you in on a little secret... I may be daydreaming about creating my own clip art line. It's happening, people. 


I could totally go for some more snow days. Don't get me wrong - I am so ready for warmer weather - but snow days are great for my mental health. The forecast says there is a chance of snow on Thursday, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!


I hate grocery shopping. Blah. I was really planning on going today, but the weather was nasty so I had to stay inside and be a bum! I guess I'm eating a PB&J for lunch tomorrow. Then I'll wish I had gone grocery shopping.


In five short weeks I will be AT THE BEACH! I'll be visiting some family members along the Panhandle and will be spending lots of quality time with the sun and sand. 

Have a great month!


  1. I am the same way with movies. That is one I wanted to see, I'll have to watch it now knowing that it's decent! I am so jealous of your beach plans!! I can't wait for it to get warmer, which is going to take a while. We have another snow day tomorrow! Enjoy the week!

  2. I read If I Stay, but I haven't seen the movie! I love Read Across America week - always so fun! Totally know what you mean about snow days...I'm ready for warm weather, but there is just something about a *snow day*!! Hope you have a great week!!


  3. We had two cold days back in January. We are supposed to get some snow on Tues, but being in WI we rarely get snow days, mostly off school if it's too cold. Enjoy FL. We are heading there for Spring Break.

  4. I would also be interested in learning how to do my own clipart. I love to draw, and it would be nice to just make whatever I need! I live in Georgia... no snow days here :( We have been out for 2 days though. One was for extreme temps and another was 'suppose' to be snow jam but turned out to be a flop! Cute blog!

  5. We had a cold weather day last week and I LOVED it!! Wish we had snow days! I'm so excited that you're going to create clipart! That's awesome!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  6. Where in NC are you? I'm in Lexington, NC and teach first grade. The snow was beautiful, but I am over it now. My flip flops are screaming, "Wear me!"

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