Poetry Café

Hi, all!

Long time, no blog.

This quarter has been a crazy one full of extra-curricular activities, illness, and big decisions.

I'm back today though because I COULD NOT WAIT to share with you about our classroom poetry café!

We've been planning this for weeks...

CLICK the picture to check out my editable invitations!

My students worked extremely hard all month creating poetry books using my templates and adding their own pages. They turned out to be great little poets!

I gathered some materials including a karaoke machine, a lamp, and some snacks. We practiced at least 5 times. I showed the students some video clips of kids reciting poetry and we practiced using vocal and facial expressions. I encouraged them to dress in all black and wear glasses or hats if they wanted to. I even tried to teach them how to snap instead of clap!

For the real thing, I had about 20 parents show up to be the audience. 
It was SO MUCH FUN for both the kids and the parents. 

Leave a comment if you have any questions! (I know I'm being lazy by keeping it short today.)

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