No-Prep Mother's Day Project!

Few things at school stress me out more than holidays that require students to make gifts for their parents. I want my parents to be impressed and flattered, I really do, but I also want them to know that I use classroom time effectively to teach their students as much as possible. 

Some of the gifts that I have seen teachers have their students make for their parents are over-the-top extravagant and, worst of all, expensive! Frankly, as a beginning teacher, I can't afford to spend more on my classroom than I already do. I love my students' parents and am so thankful for them, and I wish I had an endless supply of cash, but I would rather invest in books for my classroom library. 

Last year, I created a product that would meet my needs as a teacher. Not only is the project print-and-go with no prep required, it also showcases a student's academic talent, creativity, AND - most importantly - his or her LOVE for mom! 

My moms from last year absolutely loved their gifts. I gave the kids a few days to work on the papers. After I approved and the worksheets were colored, I helped the students glue the papers down on a large piece of construction paper so that it read like a real newspaper! When the final products were ready, I laminated them. 

I am telling you, the moms LOVED them and I am sure they will be treasured forever. 

You can find this project in my TPT store here. It is currently ON SALE!

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