June 18, 2015

Makeover Madness: Living Wax Museum

HOW MUCH FUN is this TPT Seller Challenge?? I am all about some teamwork and healthy competition! I made over most of my products when I changed my name from My Carolina Classroom to School and the City, so I didn't have a ton of products to choose from.

Click the image to be taken to the updated product. 

I ended up choosing one of my very first products, a parent letter and rubric for a "living wax museum." It was made IN WORD and DIDN'T HAVE A COVER. Eeeek!

I decided to name it a "Living Wax Museum Starter Kit," because that's essentially what it is. It's the perfect product to get you and your students started if you want to have your own living wax museum. It includes an editable parent letter explaining the project, a timeline for how the project should be completed, and a rubric for how it will be graded. It also includes a worksheet for students to use to start thinking about the person or character that they are representing.

Now, I'm sure some of you are reading this and thinking to yourself, 


I'm so glad you asked! A "living wax museum" is a super fun, engaging, and difficult project that my mom told me about. My class did it during Read Across America week last year. 

Students had to pick a favorite book character to represent. They had to write a speech from that character's point of view. The speech was supposed to tell the basic information about the character: plot lines, likes, dislikes, character traits, wants, etc.

On the day of the "wax museum," students came to school in their costumes, dressed as the book characters they had chosen. We went to the media center. Each student chose an area to stand or sit in. Other classes were invited in to "visit the wax museum." If a student walked up to one of my students, my student would begin to give his or her short speech. 

This project can be used so many ways. We did book characters, but you could also do historical figures, current public figures, future careers, etc. The possibilities are endless!

My "starter kit" is made for a book character wax museum, but let me know if you would be interested in purchasing it for other reasons. I can definitely add some pages that would work for historical or public figures.

I know I'm not doing the best job explaining sooooo here are some pictures:

My favorite wax museum performance (which or course I don't have a picture of) was a student who did the book Freckle Juice. Every time he did his speech, he gave himself freckles with a blue marker, and then wiped them off at the end with a baby wipe. He told me he performed 18 times. By the end of our 45 minutes, he looked like a smurf. Ha!!!


  1. Hi Kristin! I love that you added such a cute cover! This is a GREAT project for kids. Our school has been doing a wax museum with our fourth graders for years and the kids LOVE it! It is part of their Open House and the parents love it too! I also teach 2nd grade (in Texas!) Nice to meet you!

    Mrs. MeGown’s 2nd Grade Safari

  2. I loved this! Amazing idea! :)
    xox Megan

  3. Oh!!!! THAT IS ALL!!! I love this idea! The product is too good to not have had a cover!!! Love it Total make-over success and I'm so having a Living Wax Museum for World Book Day next year! Inspired! Xx

  4. This is absolutely adorable!!! I love this idea and the kids must have had the most fun time doing this!! Great idea and your product makeover also looks super! Thanks for sharing!
    ~Heather :)
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