Currently JULY!


I pay for a monthly subscription to Spotify and I LOVE IT. It's a great way to discover new music  and take music with me wherever I go. I'm currently hooked on Spotify's Acoustic Covers playlist... It is SO GREAT! Spotify also introduced a new feature that will play songs to match your running pace. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm excited to see how it works!


I am (clearly) so thrilled. I was excited to teach 4th grade, but staying in 2nd will make my life a little easier.  I will already be living in a new city, working in a new school, and planning a wedding. Learning a new curriculum would have made my transition even more difficult. Luckily for me, a 2nd grade position opened up at my new school and the principal asked if I wanted it, since he knew I came from 2nd. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

All of you upper elementary teachers that have been sharing resources and advice with me, I still love you!!


So, along those lines... 

I got to see my new classroom yesterday. I have two HUGE chalkboards. I honestly didn't know chalkboards existed in schools anymore. Do any of you have chalkboards? What do I do with them?? How do I write on them?? I hate the feeling of chalk and I hate chalk dust! Help!


The FOMO has started already. I really thought about going to Vegas this year for the conference, but I just can't swing it with my big move to Atlanta coming up so soon. I will be living vicariously through you all as I pack my boxes and clean out my current home!


I have only been on summer break for two weeks now, but I have only created one new product. I haven't had a ton of time, but I know I need to use my summer time and energy wisely because it's much harder to find time to create during the school year. I am hoping to get at least 10 good quality products added to my store before I go back to school! What do you do to get product inspiration?


What am I really good at? Well, I'm really good at spending money. Particularly on clothes for myself, yummy food, or treats for people I love. Does that count? Ha!

I guess that's a hard question because it's hard to compliment yourself without sounding conceited. At that forefront of my mind is the fact that I have a good eye and a knack for making things visually appealing. It was fun to see my empty new classroom yesterday, because the possibilities are endless! I may not be 100% thrilled with what I have to work with, but I know it will turn out beautiful, neat, and welcoming.

Stay tuned to see my new room!!

Have a FABULOUS July!


  1. Chalkboards?! Yuck! Are they magnetic? You could cover them with fabric and make it a faux bulletin board and post things up there with magnets. I can't believe there are still chalkboards out there haha!
    I have a list of TPT products that I want to work on this summer! So glad to have a little extra time because I didn't do anything for my store this school year. Hopefully I'll get some inspiration to get started!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  2. I am so suffering from the FOMO!!! I am definitely going to Vegas next year. But I can't wait to read all about everyone's fabulous adventures there. And yay for going back to second grade!! I taught in second for four years before moving to first. Good luck with those chalkboards though! I don't know what I would do with them. Maybe those liquid chalk markers? Great reading your post!

    Pride and Primary

  3. I hate to say it cause it sucks for the both of us, but I'm glad I'm not alone in not going to Vegas. Next year girl, we have to get on this.
    Also, I am still so in love with your new blog design. I love the mature look :)
    That should have also been my All Star trait. My poor husband hahah! My need is the same thing too. Whoops!!!
    <3 Cassie
    Mrs. Thomas's Class

  4. Could you paint them or cover them with dry erase thingys? That way, you wouldn't have to play with chalk! (I hate it too!). Congrats on going back to second!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine


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