July 14, 2015

Yes, I'm on Periscope.


Seriously, it's essentially free professional development from all of your favorite teacher bloggers. Oh, and you can attend this professional development while sitting on your couch in your pajamas while eating M&Ms. 

I originally created my Periscope account using my personal Twitter account and handle, because I had NO CLUE that Periscope was going to blow up! If you are still following me there, make sure you go follow my new Periscope account @SchoolAndTheCty. 

Yes, that's School and The City without the i. Naturally my name is 1 letter too long for Twitter.

So what are you waiting for? Go follow me!

As soon as I get moved in to my new home in a few days, I do plan to broadcast more often. 

I can't wait to give you a tour of my new classroom!!

Alright, I'm off to watch tonight's Periscope hop.

Remember, stalking is caring. 

P.S. Thanks for connecting all of us, Sheila Jane

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  1. Bahahaha - "Stalking is caring" is going to be my new mantra!!! Also, can't wait to see what you share via Periscope!

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