It's practically March, y'all! Can you believe it? It's all downhill from here, right?

Hey, at least your lesson planning for March will be easy because my friends from The Primary Peach and I have done the planning for you! I've sifted through many resources and chosen my favorites to share with you.

My primary focuses for March are teaching my second graders about fractions in math and space in math. 

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...and you are, too!


Tieks. I am SURE you have heard of them, if you are a teacher that frequents Instagram and educational blogs. (If not, get out from under your rock!)

Tieks have a reputation in the online world of educators for being the go-to workday shoes.

I have feet issues (Achilles tendonitis), so I was skeptical. I especially have trouble with flats. But I also hadn't found any shoes at all, other than sneakers with orthodic inserts, that were comfortable enough to teach in all day. After weeks of researching, I finally made the decision to go for it. #TreatYoSelf

The first pair that I bought was leopard. Maybe I should have picked something a little more boring, but in my humble opinion, leopard is a neutral.

Obviously, I was sooo excited to wear them to school! At the end of the day, my feet felt.... well, just fine. I didn't feel like I was walking on clouds or anything, but I didn't have any pain or blisters either.

I found that Tieks do require a little breaking in, but it is nothing compared to any other flats I have ever put on my poor feet. "Breaking in" Tieks for me involves a little bit of redness on the top of my foot from tight leather and a little bit of squeaking... for some reason. After a few wears, the strange squeaking stopped and I haven't had any pain since.

These flats are truly comfortable. Seriously, I even wear them on the weekends! I have never had any heel pain, Achilles pain, arch pain, or blisters of any kind. Finally, I found a professional flat I can wear all day long when it's too cold for sandals. What a RELIEF!

Oops, I did it again. I bought my second pair a month later. I decided to be a little more practical the second time around and went with matte black. I wear them at least twice a week.

After purchasing and wearing two different pairs of Tieks, I was sold on the company. Yes, Tieks are expensive. But you know what else is expensive? Wasted money! The value of the crazy amount of uncomfortable (and therefore unworn) shoes that sit in my closet day after day because I can't bear to wear them to work surely exceeds the amount I've spent on Tieks.

Not convinced yet? 

Guess what I did next. 


Yes. On eBay, I sold some of my prized possessions, designer flats (that happen to be the worst things I've ever put my feet in). I made enough money off of them to feel a little less guilty about the money I spent on Tieks. They were gorgeous, but... Let's just say that I hope the girls that bought them sit at desks all day long and never have to walk more than ten feet. That is all.

I was a little sad when I dropped them at the post office, but I have no regrets. Good riddance, evil "shoes."

Black is great, but gold is better! I put the metallic gold Tieks on my Christmas list and Santa was good to me! I think I'm done for a while, but do plan to add another pair of Tieks to my collection eventually, maybe for my birthday! 

What are you thoughts? Have you tried Tieks, or are you going to try them?
Most importantly, which color are you dying to add to your closet?!

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Hello, long lost friends!

I have been out of town for four weekends in a row now, so let's just say that life has been a little crazy lately. Although I have not been the best at blogging lately, make sure you are keeping u with me on Instagram, where I post regularly!

I'm actually blogging over at The Primary Peach today - check it out!

It's FEBRUARY, y'all! 

At this rate, this semester is going to fly by and be over before we know it!


I'm listening to two of my future sister-in-laws talk everything baby! There's lots of excitement going on in this family, including a new baby that will be here in 8 weeks! EEEk!


I have immersed myself in the She Reads Truth community with some girl friends of mine, and I just love it so much. It's quick, easily accessible, and so applicable. Any SRT teachers out there?!


It's Bachelor Monday! I've got my pajamas on and wine poured... I'm ready to go! I love JoJo and Lauren B. Who's your favorite?


Honestly I could really use some more hours in the day. I have been prioritizing exercising and wedding planning, which I obviously LOVE, but I am having difficulty finding time for creating and blogging! I miss that creative outlet!


Speaking of more hours... more sleep would be nice too. 


Last week, TpT re-instagrammed a picture of me and I still JUST CAN'T EVEN!! Is this what fame feels like? Ha! Go ahead and get in line for an autograph... ;)

Have a fantastic and fabulous February, friends!