Currently February

It's FEBRUARY, y'all! 

At this rate, this semester is going to fly by and be over before we know it!


I'm listening to two of my future sister-in-laws talk everything baby! There's lots of excitement going on in this family, including a new baby that will be here in 8 weeks! EEEk!


I have immersed myself in the She Reads Truth community with some girl friends of mine, and I just love it so much. It's quick, easily accessible, and so applicable. Any SRT teachers out there?!


It's Bachelor Monday! I've got my pajamas on and wine poured... I'm ready to go! I love JoJo and Lauren B. Who's your favorite?


Honestly I could really use some more hours in the day. I have been prioritizing exercising and wedding planning, which I obviously LOVE, but I am having difficulty finding time for creating and blogging! I miss that creative outlet!


Speaking of more hours... more sleep would be nice too. 


Last week, TpT re-instagrammed a picture of me and I still JUST CAN'T EVEN!! Is this what fame feels like? Ha! Go ahead and get in line for an autograph... ;)

Have a fantastic and fabulous February, friends!


  1. I would love some more sleep and hours in the day too! How exciting to have a new baby in the family and to be featured on tpt instagram!

  2. I am all over more hours in the day and some sleep as well! Good luck with that! Congrats on the new babies coming your way! Nothing like being an aunt! I LOVE She Reads Truth! It is a wonderful simple way to start the day or to refocus! Congrats on the TPT Instagram! That is fabulous! How in the world did we teach before all of this social media?
    Have a great February!


  3. Yes! I was just saying that the weekends aren't long enough. If they were, I'd totally fit more sleep in there! LOL! How exciting that you were on TPTs IG! Amazing!

    Melissa Williams
    First Grade Frame of Mind

  4. Yes please! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE your autograph friend! How cool is that!?! I'm so sorry I missed it when it happened, but so thankful you shared it!! That picture is AMAZING!! I hope that wedding planning is going well!! Have a FANTASTIC week!! <3

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  5. How wonderful to be featured on Tpt's instagram! I'll line up for an autograph. :) I also am a HUGE fan of She Reads Truth. My husband and I are looking at doing something together now that they have a He Reads Truth app too. I did their Advent study last year with the journal and everything. I just enjoy having it right there on my phone to "re-adjust" my focus. Know what I mean? Happy February!
    Joya :)

  6. Congratulations on the instagram!!! So amazing! Last year I was in the same boat, it is one of the best times, enjoy every minute that you can!!!!


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