February 24, 2016

Tieks: Because I'm Worth It

...and you are, too!


Tieks. I am SURE you have heard of them, if you are a teacher that frequents Instagram and educational blogs. (If not, get out from under your rock!)

Tieks have a reputation in the online world of educators for being the go-to workday shoes.

I have feet issues (Achilles tendonitis), so I was skeptical. I especially have trouble with flats. But I also hadn't found any shoes at all, other than sneakers with orthodic inserts, that were comfortable enough to teach in all day. After weeks of researching, I finally made the decision to go for it. #TreatYoSelf

The first pair that I bought was leopard. Maybe I should have picked something a little more boring, but in my humble opinion, leopard is a neutral.

Obviously, I was sooo excited to wear them to school! At the end of the day, my feet felt.... well, just fine. I didn't feel like I was walking on clouds or anything, but I didn't have any pain or blisters either.

I found that Tieks do require a little breaking in, but it is nothing compared to any other flats I have ever put on my poor feet. "Breaking in" Tieks for me involves a little bit of redness on the top of my foot from tight leather and a little bit of squeaking... for some reason. After a few wears, the strange squeaking stopped and I haven't had any pain since.

These flats are truly comfortable. Seriously, I even wear them on the weekends! I have never had any heel pain, Achilles pain, arch pain, or blisters of any kind. Finally, I found a professional flat I can wear all day long when it's too cold for sandals. What a RELIEF!

Oops, I did it again. I bought my second pair a month later. I decided to be a little more practical the second time around and went with matte black. I wear them at least twice a week.

After purchasing and wearing two different pairs of Tieks, I was sold on the company. Yes, Tieks are expensive. But you know what else is expensive? Wasted money! The value of the crazy amount of uncomfortable (and therefore unworn) shoes that sit in my closet day after day because I can't bear to wear them to work surely exceeds the amount I've spent on Tieks.

Not convinced yet? 

Guess what I did next. 


Yes. On eBay, I sold some of my prized possessions, designer flats (that happen to be the worst things I've ever put my feet in). I made enough money off of them to feel a little less guilty about the money I spent on Tieks. They were gorgeous, but... Let's just say that I hope the girls that bought them sit at desks all day long and never have to walk more than ten feet. That is all.

I was a little sad when I dropped them at the post office, but I have no regrets. Good riddance, evil "shoes."

Black is great, but gold is better! I put the metallic gold Tieks on my Christmas list and Santa was good to me! I think I'm done for a while, but do plan to add another pair of Tieks to my collection eventually, maybe for my birthday! 

What are you thoughts? Have you tried Tieks, or are you going to try them?
Most importantly, which color are you dying to add to your closet?!

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  1. Thanks for this review! I am going back and forth about purchasing a pair--I want something comfortable but also long-lasting. Looks like these will be a great investment!

    (I teach K-4 music in California, so the teaching aspect of your review was particularly helpful!)

  2. Love my Tieks! The only ballet flats I've owned that are truly comfortable. 6 pairs and counting! :-)

  3. I hesitate because I have cankles and I heard that men think ballet flats are the ugliest, most unflattering shoes on earth. But then again, they've never felt how bad heels can be! (I'll bet that a man invented heels, corsets and pantyhose.) LOL

    1. Who cares what men think??????? Not one of them would last more than an hour or so in heels! YOU wear what is comfortable for YOU and makes YOU feel great and everyone else can wear what THEY want!! (sorry; don't mean to "yell", I just want to be emphatic!) Go for it girl!! I, too, am going back and forth about getting a pair (specifically for an upcoming cruise, so thanks for the info about the need to break them in. I guess I was thinking shoes that expensive should feel good right out of the box, literally LOL)

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  5. I am loving that Leopard Print! Thinking that might be my next pair. I totally agree that leopard print is a neutral!!

  6. Do they work with no-show socks? They sound great, except I don't think I can stand to wear sweaty shoes all day without socks. . .

    1. They wouldn't work with the no-show socks that I have, but I suppose it depends on the socks. :)

  7. I would love to get a pair, but I'm a half sized girl. I can't figure out if I should go up or down with my size! Any advice would be helpful!

    1. I'm a half-size girl too! Most reviwers recommend that you size down because the Tieks will stretch out, but I size up. I would rather have plenty of room and they stay on just fine! :)

  8. Thanks for your review! As a pregnant teacher middle school teacher, I had been shoe-hunting. I have high arches from being a ballerina for years, so finding good and pretty support CAN be a challenge. My mom bought me Tieks last year, and though they are gorgeous, and quite comfy for a complete flat, I don't know how women can teach in them, unless you already have flat feet!! No, no, no. Complete personal preference, but I need something with bit of a heel to keep proper alignment- clarks, eurosoft, ECCO, even the prettier types of crocs are all waaaay more comfy than my pretty tieks!! I really like your blog, I just had to stop and leave a negative review since so many teaching blogs recommend them, but I want to give a different opinion and say, if you have feet that are strong have not been subject to poor usage in cheap shoes, tieks are not worth it!! Save your money and shop around for something deliciously comfy with a heel and arch support.

  9. I'm a real estate appraiser by day and dance teacher at night. I have high arches, heel pain and have finally come to terms with needing a wide width shoe. I had anxiety the second I clicked " purchase" but I am definitely buying another pair. I had been wearing flip flops for a few hours before I got mine in the mail. About 30 minutes after putting on my Tieks, my feet felt so much better. I wore them all day and was pain free! I debated what size to get since I have a wide foot but my normal size feels great.

  10. Love them all! I'm wanting the silver screen now. They'll be cute in summer and winter. Also have red, black (of course), leopard, romantic blush and lovestruck. A little bit of an addict but they are just too dang cute.

  11. I am a teacher and bought my first pair. Do they stretch? I have an 8 and a 9 and don't know which pair to keep.


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