A Teacher's Ode to Coffee

(in the form of a spelling test during the last full week of school)

1. Town
I went to the Starbucks in my town this morning. Town.

2. Mouth
I drank the coffee using my mouth. Mouth.

3. Frown
Without coffee I would frown. Frown.

4. Tough
Waking up so early was tough today. Tough.

5. Crown
The Starbucks logo lady wears a crown on her head. Crown.

6. Couch 
I could take a nap on a couch. Couch.

7. Ground 
I could take a nap on the ground. Ground.

8. Cloud
I could take a nap on a cloud. Cloud.

9. Grown 
Sometimes grown-ups need coffee. Grown

10. Shout
When I drink coffee I want to shout with joy. Shout.

Bonus Word: 

Grande Peppermint Mocha, No Whip

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