(IF you are taking your husband's name)

You know all those cute things that you have in your classroom with your name on them? 

They have to go. 
Or else it will cause identity confusion. (Is that a thing?)

Yes, even the cute burlap sign that your bestie made for you.

Even the director's chair cover that a teammate monogrammed for you!

You know all of those things that you made at the beginning of the year for your new classroom? 

Yep, they have to go, too. And you should make some new ones.

Print, laminate, cut, repeat.

Find these letters here for free.

Blog post tutorial here

Do you have vinyl monograms stuck all over the place - on cups, mugs, tumblers (my fave), or tech devices?

It's time to peel those babies off. Get those fingernails ready for battle!

What about BOOKS?!

How many books do you have in your classroom library? 500? 800? Upwards of 1,000?

I bet they all have your name in them. Because no one - NO ONE - wants a students or another teacher to steal your precious copy of The Giving Tree or Holes or Martin's Big Words!!!!

So you'll need to relabel them.

Or, you can have your students do it for morning work on field day. I know a smart teacher who did that... 

...but it wasn't me! I guarantee my students had very rigorous, meaningful morning work, especially on field day... ;)

Special delivery: MORE BOOKS that won't even fit in your book baskets! 

Call me queen of the books... (100th day hat here)

I printed 800 labels at home, and it wasn't enough. THAT'S INSANE.

(Because I relabeled them all myself, remember?)

You'll have to come up with new clever puns or alliterations for team names. 

I am deeply saddened that I can't use this team name anymore... even if my students never understood it.

You'll have to get a new badge since you work for the government and have to wear identification at all times.

Sooooo cute!

Snap with me at SchoolAndTheCty.

If you are lucky, your district isn't a total pain to deal with and they don't charge you $10 for a new badge. (You call THAT a wedding gift?!)

No one will know what to call you next year.

Everyone will know you have a new name (or maybe only Facebook friends and the lunch lady with the great memory) but everyone will know you by your old name, especially kids. Get ready to respond to your old name for a few more years, or at least as long as your former students are still in the building.

But you can set the tone by putting your new name on EVERYTHING to remind everyone.

Especially your gorgeous new planner for next year. 

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All new errrrthing!

Did I forget anything? Let me know in the comments!

I'm off to get married -- EEEEEK -- I'll be back in a few weeks! XO

If you are still in school... Yikes! And I'M SO SORRY! But you'll still be kicked back and relaxed while the rest of us are scrambling at the beginning of August...

I have more good news for you: This Father's Day project is quick, and easy. It requires almost no prep and the fathers of your students will truly treasure it forever.

There are many newspaper writing projects in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, but to let you in on a little secret, the Mother's Day and Father's Day newspapers are my favorites. (That's probably because they came first - They are the OGs!)

Newspaper projects are simple.

1. Download.
2. Print.
3. Create an example or explain thoroughly.
4. Kids write.
5. Kids draw and color.

(I make my students get their writing approved before they begin to draw and color.)

5. Create the newspaper by stapling the pages together or gluing them on a large piece of construction paper.

You will definitely need to model, model, model so that kids glue down the pages correctly.

Love this idea?

You can grab this product here

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