Back to School Team Gifts (with a free printable!)

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My team is AWESOME, y'all.

I am so unbelievably lucky to work with them, honestly!

So like so many of us do, I wanted to give each of my teammates a small back-to-school gift.

Well, this idea stemmed from necessity. Our doors are HEAVY, the cheap plastic door stops don't work, and apparently decent door stops disappear in the night. We are all running out of wooden triangular prisms to steal from our geometry kits.

So I decided to give my sweet coworkers a gift that is cute AND practical.

I took to Amazon and chose these door stops because they are white and the sides are smooth - perfect for decorating! They come in packs of two and the price is reasonable, I think! But you can also buy door stops at the Dollar Tree and hardware stores.


Next I bought some Sharpie paint markers. I bought the pack with basic colors because I wanted to match our school's colors, but I love the neon pack, too!

I also saw at Target recently that they were selling Sharpie paint pens individually!

Here's the final product:

Want these printable gift tags for yourself? You can download them for free - in a variety of colors -  here!

Ta-da! I hope my teammates absolutely love them!

What do you think? Will you be buying or making gifts for your co-workers?

**This post contains Amazon affiliate links. By purchasing an item from Amazon using these links, 

I will receive a small commission on your purchase.**

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