Simple Back to School Student Gifts (with a FREEBIE!)

It's about that time. My Sneak Peek (or Meet the Teacher, whatever you want to call it) is on THURSDAY MORNING. Eeeek!

I truly cannot believe that it is already time to meet my next batch of babies. I can't wait, but I'm also on edge! What a crazy time of year this is, filled with so many emotions!

At my school, we are encouraged to have treats at Sneak Peek for students to take home with them.

I prefer to do treats that are practical and not annoying, that was parents don't immediately hate me, and affordable for me!

The past few years I have done Goldfish with a cute tag glued onto them. This year I decided to be a little more exciting and I bought the RAINBOW goldfish instead of the original orange Goldfish. Crazy, I know!

You can download the printable card HERE for FREE! They are available for grades K - 6. Print the ones you need, and sign your name on the bottom. Buy some boxes of Goldfish, and ta-da!

What are you giving your students this year?

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