I mean, just look at how beautiful that thing is. It reminds me of school and lesson planning and grading and organizing data, yet I STILL think it's gorgeous. 

This is my first year using an Erin Condren planner. I contemplated it for a few years, and I am so glad I finally took the plunge. When our teacher planners came in, some teacher friends and I had a planner party during which we stuck all of our stickers and filled in our schedules, dates, etc. It was SO colorful and so much fun! 

Now that I've been using my first Erin Condren teacher planner for four months, I am prepared to share with you 8 reasons why I love my teacher planner.


Honestly, I used to Google "Veterans Day 2016" and the like all the time... How nice it is to have all of this information in one place at the front of my planner. 

It even includes other dates that teachers might want to know, like Friendship Day and Johnny Appleseed's birthday. Fun!


I've never used the birthday section of any personal planner, but it completely makes sense to have my students' birthdays written in my teacher planner! It's easy reference for student passwords (based on birthdays) and to remind me when to get out the birthday treats for my students. 


Each month has a set of blank pages for notes. I love using them during PD or staff meetings so that all of my notes are kept in chronological order (and safely in the same place) all year long. 


The pages are THICK, meaning that Flair pens don't bleed through if you use them! (I usually use ball-point pens because they are faster with my half-cursive sloppy handwriting, but I have tried Flair pens a few times.)

I use small sticky notes to replace plans. As you know, things change and we have to be flexible! Instead of using whiteout (ain't nobody got time for that) I just write my new plans on a little sticky note and stick it on top. It's perfectly sized!

I use skinny washi tape, thanks to a colleague's recommendation, to break apart my planning pages to show at a quick glance when my students go to lunch/recess. We have specials first thing in the morning, or else I would use washi tape to show that too!

I also use washi tape to block off the last column, which I use for notes or after school activities. 


I use these checklist pages ALL THE TIME. Again, it's something I used to do separately, but it's so nice to have it all in one place! So far, I have used the checklist pages for beginning of year forms (pictured above), permission slips, and homework.  I recently realized I could use a page to start keeping track of my reading and writing conferences with students. The opportunities are endless!


I'll admit, I don't use the stickers that often. I use them when we have something out of the ordinary going on so that it's extra obvious in my lesson plans (so I don't forget)! 

Your planner will come with preprinted stickers that say things like "staff meeting," "library," "conference," and "field trip." It will also come with two whole pages of blank stickers for you to use as you wish! 


I have two pockets in the back of my teacher planner that I use to store loose papers that other people give me, like speech RTI data or other things that I need to keep up with. 

I ordered a few extra plastic sleeves for the back, and I'm so glad I did! In the plastic sleeves, I store papers that I refer to all the time, like students' ID numbers, my classroom schedule, and my reading groups.

Again, it is SO NICE to have everything in ONE PLACE, nice and organized! 

Want to save $10 on your first order? 

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So what do you think? Are you going to give Erin Condren a try? Have any questions?

Let me know in a comment below!

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I wanted to share these puzzles with you because I use them in my classroom DAILY and my students love them!

Whenever I introduce a new grammar concept, the corresponding puzzle is added to the puzzle box.

I love using grammar puzzles because...
  • it's a hands-on way for students to practice grammar.
  • students can self-monitor. Each puzzle piece only has one match!
  • students can work independently or with a partner.
  • differentiation is easy.
  • they'll last for years!

Make the puzzles easier for your students by printing each page on a different color. For example, students will know an orange piece will need an orange match.

Make it more rigorous by printing all pages on the same color.

The opportunities are endless!

Here are just some of the grammar puzzles I offer in my TPT store:

I also have synonyms, antonyms, homographs, homophones, collective nouns, and possessive nouns. More are to come!

*          *          *          *          *

Astrobrights cardstock is my favorite. Print, laminate, and cut... They will last for years!

I store my puzzles in the really pretty rainbow Iris photo boxes available at Michael's! They occasionally go on sale - I snagged them 60% off!

You can also grab them on Amazon.

All puzzles are available individually or at a discounted bundle price

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    Are grammar puzzles something you could incorporate into your classroom?

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