November 13, 2016

2nd Grade Grammar Puzzles


I wanted to share these puzzles with you because I use them in my classroom DAILY and my students love them!

Whenever I introduce a new grammar concept, the corresponding puzzle is added to the puzzle box.

I love using grammar puzzles because...
  • it's a hands-on way for students to practice grammar.
  • students can self-monitor. Each puzzle piece only has one match!
  • students can work independently or with a partner.
  • differentiation is easy.
  • they'll last for years!

Make the puzzles easier for your students by printing each page on a different color. For example, students will know an orange piece will need an orange match.

Make it more rigorous by printing all pages on the same color.

The opportunities are endless!

Here are just some of the grammar puzzles I offer in my TPT store:

I also have synonyms, antonyms, homographs, homophones, collective nouns, and possessive nouns. More are to come! 

All puzzles are available individually or at a discounted bundle price

What do you think? 

Are grammar puzzles something you could incorporate into your classroom?

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