What To Do With All of Those Blank Books from Target

So you raided Bullseye's Playground and stocked up on some blank books for your classroom. Now what?

I love the blank books almost as much as my students do. I use them for almost every final draft writing project, and my students get so excited about "publishing" books. My second graders needed some help with organizing their books and making them neat, so I created some templates.

First I created some blank, lined templates with lines of various sizes. You can grab them here - free in my TPT store! With these templates, I usually pre-cut them for my students quickly with my paper cutter. It only takes a moment and cuts down on distractions.

Then I got excited and wanted to use blank books for ALL THE THINGS. Here are a few templates that I have created and used in my own classroom...

This poetry book can be used as a tool to teach your students about five different types of poetry: acrostic, shape, haiku, personification, and diamante. This product includes an example, a scaffolded prompt (You Try It!), and a blank space (Write Your Own) for each type of poem. 

One of my favorites is the VIP book. Use this book as a tool to have your students keep track of the historical figures that they learn about and have a keepsake to take home at the end of the year. Or, use it as your star student book. It's up to you!

When I introduce this book to my students, they are going to complete the first page about themselves.

Last, I made a few templates to help my students write informational texts about topics that fit with our content standards. You can click on each image to view the matching product description on TPT.



Have fun publishing!


  1. I also bought a bunch of these books at Target - I like your ideas! Also, Photobucket has photobombed your blog. To remove, go to your layout and check the html gadgets until you find the Photobucket one and delete. p.s. It took me forever to figure out how to remove this annoying gadget.

    1. Ughhh to photobucket! I've been emailing them for weeks trying to find out how to remove that big, ugly widget- even asked if I need to delete my photos or account with them. Their emails never explained anything. They just want an upgrade to a paid account 😤 Anyway THANK YOU Susan K fornyour fix! I did it and it worked!!!!!

    2. Yay! I finally fixed it thanks to you! Thanks for the help.


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