Sneak Peek: Welcome to Third Grade!

I am completely exhausted but my heart is so happy. I survived Meet the Teacher today and I got to squeeze all of my sweet kids from last year!

As you may or may not know, I was moved (promoted?) to third grade, so I have a few of my students that were in my class last year. All of my other former students will be right nextdoor or across the hall, so I'll still get to see their sweet faces every day. Yay! They were a wonderful class and I miss them tons.

Anyways... on to the sneak peek...

When new students and parents first walked in, they saw my math about me chart, a photo area, and instructions on the board. (I also had fun music playing... #ambiance).

The YAY balloon is from the Target Dollar Spot, but I found a similar one on Amazon, found here.

Most students bring their supplies with them, so I have them sort them for me. My bins are labeled with my supply labels, free in my TPT store.

SPOTTED: pencil nametags, expectation posters, and team jobs

On tables, students found their nametags, important forms for parents, an envelope full of information to take home, and a quick gift.

I found the fun glasses at Target in the party section. You can read more about them here.

I printed on sticky notes using a free template that I found on TPT after reading some tutorials. It's easier than I thought it would be, and I love how it looked!

Here's the area where parents turned in the forms, signed up to volunteer, and viewed my classroom wish list.

Wish list tips: Make sure parents have something to take with them so they don't forget about it, and write your name on the back of it in case they have more than one child at your school.

I bought these acrylic display signs last summer, and they have proved so useful! I use them for sneak peek, curriculum night, and even during daily lessons to label centers or differentiated activities.

Last but not least, I set up my table supply caddies with the new supplies and I LOVE how gorgeous they look!

Whew! Now I just have to get ready for Monday.... First day of third grade, here I come!

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  1. Looks awesome! Definitely think promoted was the correct word. I could be closed since I teach third. 😍

  2. I'd be a third grader in your room - it looks amazing! I love what you did with the clock. Very colorful and fun room!

  3. Very inviting! Thank you for the free supply labels!!

  4. Hi, I am looking for a good source for Words Their Way word sorts. I see some great pictures on your website but cannot find the sorts. Do you have them available somewhere?

    Shannon Callahan

    1. Hi Shannon! I own the WTW sort books. Before I had the books, I accessed the sorts on a website that is not longer up and running. However, if you just Google "words their way sorts pdf," you'll probably be able to find all of the sorts. Hope that helps!


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