Chalkboard Makeover

I have been SO VERY BUSY lately (hello testing, conferences, and report cards) but I am SO VERY EXCTIED about this that I just can't hold it in anymore!

So, I don't have whiteboards. I have two very large, very black chalkboards. They're magnetic (whooo) but other than that, they annoy me to no end. I don't like writing with chalk. It's messy! Chalk markers are EXPENSIVE and dry out so quickly... I feel like I've tried them all. And when I DO suck it up and write on the chalkboard, it's hard for kids to read. 

Then came the day a few months ago that my friend Emily from Munchkins, Inc. shared an image on her Instagram  showing how she covered her chalkboards with dry erase contact paper. I thought about it for a while... Hers looks so good that I just had to try it myself!! 

Here's the before...

... and here's the after!

I did the first half with the help of a friend, but did the second half on my own. I used a credit card to help me apply without leaving any bubbles!

It is white and so freshhh.
It's erases well, even after days.
I'm only using black Expos on it, though. I'm not risking any of those pretty colors!

I've already found myself writing on the board WAY MORE THAN I USED TO. I'm now able to make quick notes or illustrations for students to refer back to, and I'm able to create opportunities for the students to interact via the whiteboard! Life is good.

What do you think?!

I think I'll buy another roll to cover my other board!

You can find the roll of dry erase (whiteboard) contact paper here.

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