I've taught economics every year that I've been a teacher. (See my second grade plans here.)

This year, however, I'm teaching third grade, and the standards are much deeper than what I've covered in the past!

First, and foremost...


I'm doing my best to keep my classroom a print-rich environment for my students. I'm trying to keep my personal spending down by using my local public library as a resource. At the start of each new unit, I fill my car (then my bookshelf) with related texts!

Check out my economics finds:

Nonfiction books are always valuable!

These books are fictional, but related!

I found a few books about entrepreneurs who created brands that are popular with kids. (If you use Epic! as a resource, there are a TON on there, like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates!)

Lastly, my favorite find was What Does It Mean to be an Entrepreneur? I'll be purchasing a copy for myself. LOVE IT.

Now for our culminating project:


Essentially, students became entrepreneurs. They had a production budget of $5 and were asked to create a unique homemade product to sell to their classmates. The big event at the end of the project was "Market Day" when all desktop stores were open for business!

Students were encouraged to offer incentives in order to increase demand like a special gift bag...

and free stamping!

As the supply and demand fluctuating, producers had to change their princes in order to increase their profit!

Each students began with $10 (play money), and they were allowed to spend the money that they earned from selling their product.

We had so much FUN and the students learned a lot!

Students were graded using a performance task rubric, which we used as a test grade instead of a pencil and paper test.

I don't currently have any resources to offer you for desktop stores, but if you search "Market Day" on TPT, there are a ton of options that are already out there.

Have fun!!