Curriculum Night

Every year, my school does a Curriculum Night. You might call this Open House, Parent Night, or something along those lines.

Basically, parents are invited into the classroom (without their students) to learn about:

  • grade level curriculum
    • content
    • resources
    • standardized testing
  • schoolwide expectations 
    • PBIS
    • important policies like transportation changes
  • classroom expectations
    • schedule
    • behavior
    • homework
    • communication

It can be super intimidating, but it's a chance to show your parents that you LOVE THEIR KIDS and that together, WE'VE GOT THIS. 

First, the parents trickle in. This year, I had them each sign in because I had confidential paperwork that I handed out to them and they had to sign for it! (In the past, I haven't asked them to sign in.) Also on my table I had my volunteer sign up form, which is provided by my PTA, and sometimes I put my wish list there, too.

Then parents go find and sit at their child's desk. On the desk, I included a copy of our grading policy (since it's a lot of information) and a fun "quiz" to give parents something to do while they wait. I use this "Parent Night Kid Quiz" from Rachel Lynette, and it's super cute!

Once parents are done rolling in, I start my presentation. I have a Google Slides presentation that I just update each year with new information. I always start my presentation by thanking parents for coming then telling them how much I love their children. Way back when, my mom told me that that's all parents really want to know. (Moms know everything - Thanks mom!) Then I introduce myself and talk through everything mentioned in the bullet points above.

Since we switch for math classes, we let our parents swap too! I put a sticky note on each child's name tag so that the parents would easily know who their math teacher is. After I finish my homeroom, I chat with my math parents. Our math time is a lot shorter. I fill them in with a little info about me, then I only talk about math curriculum and procedures.

That's a wrap!

If you have any questions, leave them in a comment below and I'll get back to you ASAP.

BEST OF LUCK to you during your Curriculum Night / Parent Night / Open House / whatever!

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