Age-Appropriate Books for Advanced Third Grade Readers

As long as I've been a teacher, I've had parents ask me for book suggestions. I struggle the most with suggesting books for advanced readers. So many popular book series are set in middle school and contain content that I consider inappropriate for my elementary students. My third graders don't need to be reading about girlfriends/boyfriends, over the top violence, any reference to alcohol or illegal substances, or foul language.

In order to be able to suggest books to parents that are academically challenging yet age-appropriate, I've compiled this list with the help of Scholastic Book Wizard, Common Sense Media, GoodReads, and some teacher friends on Instagram. I hope it helps you out!

Level P:

  • Wayside School series
  • Rescue Princesses series
  • Puppy Patrol series

Level Q:

  • American Girl Doll series
  • Who Is...? / What Is...? series
  • Little House series

Level R:
  • I Survived... series
    • E.B. White books (Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little...)
    • You Wouldn't Want To... series

    Level S:
    • Goosebumps series
    • many Matt Christopher books
    • Roald Dahl books (Matilda, James and the Giant Peach...)
    • Lemonade War series

    Level T:
    • Animorphs series
    • Chronicles of Narnia series

    Level U:
    • The 39 Clues series
    • Secrets of Bearhaven series 
    • Warriors series*

    Level V:
    • Harry Potter series
    • Series of Unfortunate Events series
    • NERDS series*
    • Story Thieves series*
    • Spirit Animals series*

    Level W:
    • Percy Jackson series
    • Wings of Fire series* (I'm a bit torn on this one. Common Sense Media states the first book is very violent and gory, but I have students who LOVEEE the series.)

    *Books marked with asterisks were suggested by other 3rd grade teachers and then researched, but I haven't actually read them myself! 

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    Are you looking for some appropriate yet super-engaging read alouds for your third grade class? Look no further! I've got you covered right here

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