Research and Write: The One and Only Ivan

So I heard you love Ivan as much as I do... !

We finished reading last week, but my students weren’t ready to let go yet!

I love completing these activities after I finish reading The One and Only Ivan to my class. I don’t tell them that it is based on a true story until after we finish the novel. The surprise makes the content even more captivating and engaging!

Ivan was actually adopted by Zoo Atlanta - where we live! - which makes my kids go crazy with excitement! We spent 3 days using these resources. Day one was for researching, day two was spent comparing and contrasting, and on the last day, students chose a newspaper prompt and wrote their articles.

Of course, it’s totally up to you how you wish to use these resources. I like to give my students plenty of time to research on their own using QR codes linked to kid-appropriate news articles and videos.  . You may want to copy the “Field Notes” or "Observations" pages double-sided depending on how much time you are going to give your students.

The Venn diagram is great for hitting that compare and contrast standard (RI.2.9 or RI.3.9), while the writing topics are great for assessing those opinion writing, narrative writing, and point of view standards.

You can check out my Ivan resources HERE. I hope you find them as engaging as I do and that you enjoy using them with your students year after year after year! 

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