End Of Year Writing Project

It's that time of year, y'all! *finally*

Time for students to reflect on their year of experiences while you start packing up your classroom. Whew! Exciting, but hectic! 

One of my favorite projects for the last week or two of school is this newspaper creative writing task

It's a meaningful, creative writing activity for the end of the year! Students use all those writing skills they learned throughout the year to write about how they feel about the end of the year, their favorite memories, and advice for next year's students.

We all have standards that state something about "using standard conventions of English" and "with the support of an adult, publish a writing piece." This is a great end-of-year assessment tool to see how much your students have grown in their writing abilities. Copy one of the pages as a work sample, if you need one! Most importantly, it's also a fun way for our students to "publish" their writing by creating their own newspaper; They love it! 

It's up to you if you use just one page or all four! I personally like to use all four pages and have students glue them on a 9x18 piece of construction paper so that the end result looks like a real newspaper. However, you could also do one page front and back so that it ends up looking more like a newsletter or pamphlet. Your classroom, your decisions!

The comic section is - of course - the favorite of many students. They will likely need a reminder that the comic strip should portray an event from the school year, not sometime completely random AKA related to Fortnite. 

Prepare to be shocked by how excited students get about the newspaper project and how engaged they are while working on it. This is a great task for students to work on while you wrap up end-of-year testing, makeup work, or other tasks! 

The newspaper ends up being a great keepsake for the students, too. Bonus points!

I know what you are thinking. Do I have this for your grade level?

OF COURSE! You can find all of my newspaper products right here to locate that one that best suits your classroom. 

Best of luck to you as we wrap up yet another school year! We've got this! 

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