Celebrating Halloween in the Classroom

Halloween falls on a Thursday this year - AKA a full school day... YIKES!

Don't be too frightened; I've got some ideas to help keep you sane on one of the spo0o0okiest teaching days of the year.

Need a class pumpkin?

It's not complicated or fancy, but I actually loveee this basic class pumpkin - simple and sweet! I'm totally doing this again this year.


Need a read aloud?

I love reading Junie B books during the holidays. They are hilarious and timeless - even my third graders love Junie B! The short chapter books are easy to read to your class in a week - or even just a few days - in order to cover those holiday bases and then move on.

Junie B's Halloween book is called Boo, and I Mean It. It's less than five bucks on Amazon!

It's perfect for discussing character traits because, well, she's one of my favorite characters ever!

Need lesson plans to keep you - and your students - sane?

No problem, friend! I've got you covered.

Are you looking for an engaging resource to make Halloween meaningful, academic, yet super-engaging? Want a simple, no-prep resource that you can use ALL DAY long on a crazy holiday? Are you hoping to cater to varying learning styles and free up time for yourself to enrich or remediate as needed? Look no further!


It's PowerPoint document containing two editable choice boards: one for literacy, and one for math. 18 unique tasks (9 on each board) were designed to engage your students while also reinforcing skills. This choice board was designed with 3rd grade in mind, but you can edit to fit the needs of your classroom.

There are 6 additional pages that you can print to go along with the choice boards if you wish. 3 of the math tasks and 3 of the literacy tasks have matching printables that are an option to provide structure for students who may need it, but not at all necessary!


Save your sanity on Halloween, and use it all day long! Copy it front to back, and ta-da!

The tasks on the choice boards are completely editable. There are 9 tasks included on each choice board, which are the 9 tasks I use (or would use) in my own classroom. If you have your own task or activity that you want your students to complete, you can add that in too!

You will need basic classroom supplies like construction paper, notebook paper, writing utensils, markers, crayons, and technology.

*               *               *               *               *

You've got this, teacher. Have no fear. Halloween is near, but we've totally got it under control. Most importantly, remember to HAVE FUN. They're only young once! 


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